Week 27

Today I went to a wedding (what’s new?) and I somehow decided to show my bump (usually I’ll just stick to abaya’s).


Put on a top and a wrap skirt and tadah! There’s no way for you to miss the bump!


So of course some of the extended family members were really surprised and they were congratulating me and all that. Then as we were leaving, this conversation took place.



Nek Busu: Die ni nanti bulan satu beranak.

Nek Yah: Eh tak nampak pulak eh (as in she didn’t notice the bump before)

Me: Sebab satu badan kembang sekali. Kalau perut aje kembang agaknye baru nampak. Hahaha!


Till now, three hours later, I still think my response is funny! 😉


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