Week 25 (I think) 

Current weight: 82.9kg

Total weight gain: 8kg plus 

Baby’s estimated weight: 1.22kg 
Apparently I miscalculated and according to a certain site I’m currently at week 24 and not 25. Heck it. I’m not going to rename all my post. 
Today was a little different, Mr Hub-hubs accompanied me for the checkup! You might think that eh he didn’t accompany during your first pregnancy? I think he did, once. The rest I either went alone (then head to work straight after) or with Mak In Law. Face it, we were both working. 
Also there was a reason why he accompanied me today. It’s to get his blood checked. Apparently, this is commonly done but somehow, when I was pregnant with Luthfiya, no one mentioned it to us. Hence why he accompanied me. And I do foresee him NOT accompanying me till probably the day I give birth. 
What was different about today was more on how we left Luthfiya behind with Mak In Law. Today’s appointment was going to take about 2-3 hours and obviously, Mr Hub-hubs didn’t know what he’s going to do with Luthfiya for the whole duration and after the appointment since I’m heading back to school. So we made the choice to leave Luthfiya behind. 
Bad move. She looked so sad as we waved bye. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time we both left house together WITHOUT HER. #emotionalmum 
My first thought was

– would this be a reason for me to stop at two? 😐
Honestly i was a bit more affected than I thought I would be. 
The rest of the appointment went ok. (I was hungry for most part as I was required to fast and immediately dug into my nasi lemak the moment I reached school. Overall, it was an ok appointment. 


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