24 weeks in! (6 months mark)

Ive been pregnant for 6 months now! 
Ongoing experiences

  • I think I’m getting more emotional (over really petty things that normally don’t bother me on a daily basis) 
  • Appetite fluctuates (some days more, some days less. Ok. Most days more 😂😂😂) 
  • I think my body is getting hotter and hotter. To the extent that I do go to the library to do work but mostly cuz I want to cool myself down and would fan myself to make me cool down faster. I feel so makcik-makcik 
  • I’m sleeping in trains (which is good cuz then by the time I reach home I have some bit of energy in me and won’t feel so lemau.) I’d track how I much I’ve slept by remembering the last station I’ve seen and the one I woke up to. Except that yesterday I slept from Yew Tee to (thankfully) Yishun! Lucky me I still managed to get out in time just as the passengers were boarding. Even then, I sat at the Mrt station benches to compose myself before tapping out. 
  • I worry how much bigger I can be 😫😫😫😫
  • Now’s almost crunch time (with assignments almost due for most part).
  • Picture taken at Joo Koon Warehouse
  • bringing Luthfiya out for a walk
  • Her mini fort that she ask me to squeeze into!

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