Incidents this week. 

I woke up on 12.10.2016 (I.e. the day of my anniversary) with pain. Luthfiya, somehow, while turning in her sleep manage to KNEE my cheekbone. Let that sentence sink in. 
It was pain, bone to bone. My next worry was if a bruise would develop and how do I explain that the bruise was actually from my daughter’s knee and not anything else?! 
I quickly sat upright, and told my husband I was in pain blah blah blah… 
His response? 
“What? I cannot hear you…” 
Apparently i was still groggy. Which somehow managed to piss me off even more. Orang dah sakit and he cannot hear me?! When I told him again he just laughed. 
That night I already promised I’m going to cook him scallops. He asked me when I’m going to cook it. 
“Lepas ni I masak nak?!” 
Apparently I was still pissed and annoyed. The day progressed ok-ish after that. No wait that was the day I had to get off at woodlands for who knows what reasons. And I realised I was just hungry and cranky. After having some food, it did me some good. 


On 13.10.16, my appetite took a drastic turn. I was losing appetite and eating half of what I used to. What Mr Hub-hubs refer to as an “improvement”.   
Mintak kene kan?! 
But truth be told, in the three years I’ve been married, I’ve gained 20kg at this point. Yes I’m pregnant but I don’t think that is a justified excuse to gain 20kg! I didn’t manage to lose all the weight gain from my first pregnancy, add on the weight gain from this pregnancy, I honestly think it’s just too much. *sigh* 
I told Mr Hub-hubs for every 10kg I lose, I want a (what else) handbag. Maybe I should switch it to gold eh. His next thought 
“Give me a time frame.” 
“Three months after I give birth.” 
Now I’m really hoping I will be sooo pantang with my pantang. Not for the bag, but honestly i just wanna wear all my beautiful baju kurungs again. And hopefully fit into my bridal gown as well.


Today (14.10.16) I woke up to make Luthfiya milk at abt 2.50am (yes she still wants milk at night 😭😭😭) and usually I’m able to fall right back to sleep but somehow I wasn’t able to. For about an hour plus! It wasn’t even hot anymore, the fan was facing me, I drank water… 
Then it dawned on me that when I was pregnant with Luthfiya, I experienced the same thing. I’d wake up at night (to pee I think) and I won’t be able to go back to sleep for like an hour plus! 
I honestly hope that this won’t be a “thing” and is a one off happening. Not funny eh if I keep waking up at night and be able to sleep only 1 hour later. 
*End of rant* 


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