23 weeks. (Psst it’s our 3rd anniversary)

I find myself more active and aware of my choices. Truth be told, if my glucose level weren’t worrying, I’d prob continue the same eating habit (eat a full meal, crave something sweet, buy something sweet and eat it). Of course you may say you’re pregnant and should eat whatever you want. Trust me. That is not good advice. 
So far, I tend to control the sweet, sugary stuff like chocolate. Ok only chocolates. I don’t really crave for sweets (gula-gula or jelly) more so for chocolates. 
I also try not to eat dinner, or beyond 6-7 pm. The effect? I’m probably very weak in the morning. 
It’s our 3rd anniversary and instead of buying Mr Hub-hubs something, I told him I’m going to cook for him scallops. Why scallops? It’s cuz I thought he might enjoy it. 
Lucky me, I practiced at rumah nenek yesterday. I really hope when I cook later at Yishun, it’s not a total failure. 

We’ve been building a fort in the middle of the house sometimes she’d ask me to sit in it while she enters through the “back door” (more like lifts up the comforter). I don’t mind, but it can get really hot. 


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