22 weeks now. 

I actually emailed Prof Mukhlis I might be late for his class on the 6th of October. My appointment is at 9.30 while class is at 12.30. Yes kiasu much but seeing that the last time I spent my birthday in the hospital for close to five hours, there’s no way I’m risking myself being late for class. 
Turns out I was done by 9.45. Yes about 15 minutes, seeing that I didn’t manage to get Dr Suzanna (she might not be back by the time I gave birth), I got another (I think not so popular) doctor. Very fast game. 
How can you tell which room belongs to Dr Suzanna? The one with the most number of hijabis waiting outside her room. 
Also, for every checkup, I have to get my BP reading, weight taken and (the dreaded) urine test (to check the glucose level). UGH! 
For the next appointment, I must do a glucose check 😦 
Before I forget, my anak is setengah. Setengah kilo. Aku dah Naik 7 kg. 

HMMMM. The maths don’t add up. 


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