Week 19: something’s sticking out

I don’t have class on Tuesday so I scheduled my appointment then. Also it didn’t hurt that it was also my birthday. I had grand plan. Grand. 
But who knew I’d spend almost 4 hours there, between the scanning, urine test, weight and height taking, seeing a medical student and then seeing a doctor, waiting for medications, and then drawing blood and then waiting for payment. 
4 hours plus. I thought it’ll be a 1 hour thing (or even lesser). My daughter was getting pretty restless and thank goodness Mak in Law was there to help me mind her while I was doing all the other things. 

– I might be having a boy. The person who scanned me said,” Looks like a boy… something is sticking out.. see… this looks like the testicles…” 

And that’s about it. 
I wanted to have lunch at PastaMania (seafood cream tom yum pasta) but of course the plan was quickly aborted since we were still at the clinic at 12.30 (we reached at 9.30) and the three of us were getting hungry. 
Had a quick lunch at KKH and bumped into uncle In who was visiting his friend who had just given birth. By the time we took the cab home, it was already 2 pm. 
Of course my grand plan didn’t come to play at all seeing how I had to submit 5 reflections (it came to the point where I just couldn’t care about maalouf, Taylor, lee et all, Tatum and tong and pakir anymore). 
Funny thing was I did already 3 of it. Of which they were out of point. Coupled with the fact that money that was supposed to come in for my loan will only come in next month while my fees are due on the 26th I was already feeling like crap. Assignments are due by 3pm today and I just completed the last one this very morning, after Subuh. By 9 I sent it for Turnitin and I’m so done with it. 
Told Mr Hub-hubs this morning I’m going to have my seafood cream tom yum today by hook or by crook (which means with or without company) he just smile. I’m meeting Thohirah after school and having that tom yum. Even if she isn’t free, I’m still going to get it. 
Usually by now I’m in school and prob eating. But not today. I’m just happy I submitted the reflections, printed it. 
Now I’m thinking what should I have before class. Should I have chicken rice at JP or school? Prob gg to school is a much better option. Class will begin in an hour and knowing me, I’d feel a lot better if I was in school already. 
I had no intention of making this post about a rant but in my mind there’s just so many things going on. 


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