Week 17

Start of this week was rather hard on me (of course the stress went away the moment I submitted the individual assignment). 

Had a short meet up with Crystal and Nadya! It was really good (even if it was just a short time I spent with them. In Nadya’s words “Who ask you not to bring Luthfiya?!”) 

I also managed to get the donut peach! Ok let me tell you how I got hooked onto it. Previous post I said I now begin to love expensive fruits (gold kiwi, cherry). The other day Mr Hub-hubs brought home one donut peach. Tasted it and it was really good! You can even eat it with its skin! 
So now I must find some more kan? Took me some time to find them and guess who bought 2 punnets?! (There were only 4 donut peach per punnet.) 
Gave 1 each to Crystal and Nadya and they loved it! 
Got home and managed to spend time with Luthfiya and talked to Mr Hub-hubs. Even texted Hajar just now. Even completed PowerPoint slides. 
And I’ve been thinking. Maybe this is the balance of life. Reaching out to people and putting time aside to do work etc and not making work your priority. Some may, of course, disagree but for now I think that is working out for me. Till the next assignment is due that is. 

Till the next post.


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