15 weeks

It’s already week three in school! I find myself more tired (and cabbing a whole lot more) and have yet to start reading (actually immersing) the heavy readings! (AMX I’m looking at you.) 
Pregnancy wise

  • I’m starting to feel my pants getting tighter (bye-bye Uniqlo pants.) 
  • Mak has been bugging me to get maternity pants asap but for some reason I’m just delaying it. (I totally foresee the day my pants don’t actually fit and me having a fit over it) 
  • Told Mr Hub-hubs that Li and his fiancée will be going for a run and he asked me when I will start running. He then suggest we sign up for Standard Chartered. I merely kept mum and sure enough he realised how I’ll look like when I run with a bulging tummy. Though not without him mimicking me. 
  • Feet is getting bigger 😦 my only worry is that now I’m a size 9 (previously 8) will I be a 10 or even 11 by the time I’m due?!!!!
  • School’s admin can be a b*tch. 
  • I’m liking art. Yes I *believe* I can draw but remember there are others who can draw better than me. 
  • Had a quick trip to east coast park yesterday. Tok saw people jogging and of course he said “Buat ape diorang lari? Olympic dah habis” 😂😂😂

Mandatory pictures to end this post. 

Gambar tiga generasi
That’s it for now. 


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