13 weeks. (and the start of school) 

Who knew school starts on the 8th of August? Apparently none of my group mates (including me). Hahahahah. Selenge kan? 
Had a rather short day yesterday. I had my first elective (drawing) and I really hope I’ll be enjoying it. And of course the dreaded AMX. It was a good short lecture (I do foresee some skipping it though I really hope I don’t miss any of it.) 
Mr Hub-hubs fetched me from school and we went to JP to watch hunt (no, no Pokemon hunting going on). Had a quick lunch and headed back. 
Guess who had a 2 hour nap and woke up at 6.31pm? #perangai
Went swimming just now. Guess who was scared of the water and somehow managed to walk across the swimming pool? 

Why this cheeky girl of course. 


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