12 weeks

I’m now 12 weeks along now, into my second trimester. 
I went to school yesterday for a quick meeting and had lunch with my group mates. I had fun and soon it was time to meet Thohirah for sushi. Told Thohirah I’d meet her at sembawang. 
Reached there quite early, decided to head home for a bit and bring Luthfiya along for the sushi date. By the time I was was back at sembawang I was pooped. 
Met Thohirah and I was super tired. By the time I reached home, both my BUTTs were aching! (T.T) 
I ended up being super whiny and manja to Mr Hub-hubs I was so weak. 
Somewhere along the manja, he reminded me that I had eaten sushi, durian and then sushi again and somehow wanted me to know that I brought it upon myself. 
Seeing how weak I was, I could only whimper and agree. 
The end of this post. 


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