11 weeks now

I’m not sure who still goes to my blog anymore and that’s probably why I’m typing this now. 
If you’re reading this, them congrats cuz you now know that I am now 11 weeks pregnant! 😁 

For now, I have this conflicting desire. 

Do I want to tell (or rather announce) on FB that I am pregnant with my second one or just wait till a baby pops out? Hmmm… 
This might not seem much of a big deal but to me, what if I were to announce it and somehow my pregnancy didn’t make it to full term? It is a possibility and anything can happen. The only reason why I’m typing this down is so that I can read these entries in the future and recall memories. 

First up: The difference between the two pregnancy 

  • With Luthfiya, I do recall being tired. However not as tired as I am feeling now. Just yesterday, I went out with Luthfiya to the library and somehow she didn’t want to walk. I had to carry her. Guess who was EXHAUSTED from carrying 12kg for about 150m?! 
  • When I first found out I was pregnant, we went to the PD nearby and he took my weight. I was 74kg. He then asked me what’s my usual weight. Of course I had to answer “about there”. Of course he had to answer “quite heavy eh”.  
  • I don’t like the taste of plain water 😭 
  • Certain videos on YouTube background music is seriously annoying me. For real. 
  • As I have not managed to lose all the pregnancy weight gain from the first pregnancy, I look big. Big enough for Mak to comment “Kau baru 2 bulan macam dah 5 bulan”. 😭😭😭
  • I think I’m having a boy. 
  • I doa I don’t gain as much weight as I did when I had luthfiya.


  • How will Luthfiya react
  • As I’m due next Feb (please no valentine’s day baby) I’m still in school. Do I want to take a one semester break? Hmmm… I honestly do not mind graduating later. Especially when we’re having 8 modules during that semester. 

For now that’s about it. I seriously hope that I’m going to lose weight with this pregnancy (of  which this is fat hope considering I’ve already gained 3kg!) I do hope I can blog weekly though. 
Till the next time. 😘😎


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