Yesterday marks the end of the second semester and I’m left with three more semesters before I start working again. How has it been? Truthfully I enjoyed this semester thoroughly (yes there are shitty assignments but come on student life would NOT be complete without it).

Things I have done this semester

  • Somehow I ended up working with most of the class due to doing group work with people from other cliques and I truly enjoyed every part of it. From exploring NUS (who knew NUS was THAT big?! I took 13000+ steps that day!) and NTU, interviewing foreign workers, reconnecting with people whom I have deeply wronged, reading Malay dramas, making sense of semantics (!!) among other things.
  • Managed to read most of the novels needed (of course I think being able to do was an incredible feat to me.)
  • I could go on but of course, when I want to type it down, these memories refuse to come back.

Issues that made me think

                 One of the course I took was Children’s and Adolescent Literature. I honestly thought I’d be more of the children’s lit kind of person (cuz you know I got Luthfiya and I do want her to love reading). Surprisingly, it was the adolescent’s literature that got me. It really made me think what kind of person I was during my secondary school and Millennia Insitute (M.I) years. I keep thinking of the memories made then (good and bad) and I keep asking myself now, did I make the right decision back then? Was I a good friend? No doubt I was a good student (I know this sounds silly but I can vouch for it HAH!)

The memories that keep playing in my mind from secondary school days

  • I have this Maths teacher, close to retirement (probably had retired and came back?), Mr Verma. One day he was at my table teaching me some maths question and the person beside me started poking Mr Verma’s ring. Of course Mr Verma kept on teaching me and when he was done, he turned to look at my friend and said
    • Stupid bloody idiot.
  • Watching Ada Apa Dengan Cinta at one of my classmate’s house.
  • Of course the typical “fights” we had (so much nonsense last time!)
  • Believe it or not, I was in choir! Though I can’t sing well now, (don’t think I had a pretty decent voice back then BUT we had practice every week) somehow it was good enough to get a silver at SYF. To get gold, I heard, you have to go acapella
  • I was in TAF club for three years and the only reason I was not in TAF club during sec four was because during height and weight taking, the chairperson had to be the one who record (you know, when teacher would measure and tell the person to record) I told him to record my weight to be lighter! HAHAH! And that is how I did not end up in TAF club at sec 4! (I got tears in my eyes!)
  • If I am not wrong, during sec three, one of the days, after recess was MT period so usually we’d open a window (MT was in a MT class) and drop our pencil boxes and then go for recess. Somehow we dropped the pencil case and then realise that we didn’t have MT till a later period. So when we finally went for MT class, I think two of my friends realised that some of their stationery have been stolen. Told the teacher and if I remember correctly, she actually brought my these two friends to the art room where the previous class was currently at, brought them to the front and asked the class who had stolen their stationery! They managed to recover their pen and what nots but I think it was funny and scary. We were more cautious after that.


The memories that keep playing in my mind from M.I days

  • I repeated a year and looking bad, as devastated as I am, it was a blessing in disguise.
  • Became a student councilor and I’m the face you see for pledge taking most of the time.
  • Recently attended one of my classmate’s wedding and of course all the memories came back. Like how we read love letters and all the corny jokes
    • Do you want to be with her forever?
    • I want to be with her 5 ever.
  • How we’d find my this classmate to find our class. When we went for his wedding, we kind of forgot how tall he was and it was like M.I all over again. His head towers over everyone else’s.
  • All the crushes, boy-girl relationships, teachers, so many memories that I can’t jot down for obvious reasons. Heheh.

What do I want to achieve from these memories

I honestly don’t know. Part of me feel like I should have a meetup session to make up for lost time but part of me also feel they should be left behind. I’m no saint, I was a good as well as a bad person back then. What if they do not want to meet me and still harbor the ill feelings? Hmmm…

What will I do now that I have a long break

Honestly weight loss seems like a good idea. Some of my classmates found jobs already and I asked Mr Hub-hub if I should get a job.

I think it is better if you spend time with her (Luthfiya) to make up for all the lost time. 

Fasting month is also coming up and I do hope that it will be a more meaningful Ramadhan for me. Who knows if I will drop by messages via FB asking for forgiveness over mistakes done nearly a decade ago. And what if they don’t reply?! Does it mean I’m doomed to hold this burden of a mistake made during my youth?! Who knows.


The least i can do do for you guys who actually took the time to read this is to have some pictures of (who else but) Luthfiya. Heh. 1447286445290[1]

Gosh! I’ve no idea how old or young Luthfiya was when this picture was taken!



This was taken this morning before her jab.

Can you see the difference?!


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