Allah knows, while you know not.

It’s been a really, really long time since I last posted anything.

Today, though there was technically only one hour of school, lucky us (my group and I) manage to squeeze in a consultation session (so as to make our journey to school more worthwhile). It was during consultation that it hit me.

During consultation, a CPDD (Curriculum Plan & Development) officer dropped by my lecturer’s office and I immediately recognised her. I was assigned to her for trialing of the new syllabus. Long story short, we chatted a bit before we went off our ways.

Here’s the bit that got me thinking.

You see when we did the who trialing thing, it was (definitely) additional work for us. I did not exactly care for it that much to be honest. However I have to say, I feel proud to be part of the trialing thing. I mean, when else will i ever get to do this again right?

And the CPDD officer was really nice. (I think she did know that we had to go out of our way to try some of the activities they suggested.) I remembered her as after one of the observation sessions, she told me she wanted to me the Principal (and on another occasion when the Principal was not available, she met the Vice-Principal).

Of course I thought it was just the customary meet, you know saying thank you for allowing trialing to take place in school yada yada yada, until she said something along these lines.

“She’s a really wonderful teacher and her students really enjoy the class…” 

In all honesty, I totally forgot this incident and when I met the CPDD officer again just now, I had a flashback. More importantly, I realise that she didn’t have to praise me and could have just said her thank yous and left.

And just now, it dawned on me, that it could possibly be her praise to my Principal (or not) that eventually somehow landed me back in NIE.

So possibly something that is bad for you before may be good for you now.

And now, I’m thinking of other instances whereby I felt this way before looking back in hindsight, it was very useful for me.

Obvious two things: doing this degree thing and Luthfiya.

It’s so easy to feel sad (especially on days Luthfiya loves me lesser and Mr Hub-hub more). I guess it is more important to think how this might affect me in the future and of course remember

Allah knows, while you know not. 


I honestly think this is the quote of my life. #gojer


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