Things Mr Hub-hub say…

Most of the time, when you see him, he’ll be like this.


Maybe not smiling that much though.  

At times (or most times) with me, he’ll be like this.


You know what accompanies this face? His comment. Some of the comments he makes me either LOL or -.-.

Now and again we all know couples posting on each other’s FB wall. Of course I had to ask him why he never post such and such things on my wall knowing full well the type of comments he’ll give me.

Sayang, what you see is what goes ON the wall. You never see what goes on BEHIND the wall.”
Him goading me full well how I’ll react.

Me: Sayang, I think I’m falling sick.
Him: Alhamdulillah.
Me: You jangan nak kahwin dua pulak!
Him: Hahaha!
Channing Tatum was on Ellen and he was dancing. Of course I was swooning.

“Die joget macam ade Parkinson’s aje.”
*jaw drops*
We just got back from a very short getaway. When we were out, he overheard this mother saying this to her son.

You wanna tie your shoe you don’t waste my time ah!”

So when we got home today, my daughter was throwing a minor tantrum. She didn’t wanna sleep despite feeling VERY sleepy.

My husband recalled the incident and said

Luthfiya should count her blessings that she has us as her parents.”
On our way back, an Indonesian man talked to my husband asking him where did we get the portable fan for the pram. After telling him where we got ours, we went off our ways.

Suddenly Mr Hub-hub went

I am not Indonesian!”

I was like whaaatttttt.

Apparently, the Indonesian guy thought he was Indonesian cuz he asked him where he bought the fan as it is not available back at home. 😂😂😂
Mr Hub-hub rarely takes public transport as he has his own bike to commute. If we were to go out as a family, its either we use my knowledge of the MRT lines (heh useful skills I tell you) or we Google and have a rough idea of how to get there.

However, for some odd/ unknown reasons, the public LOVES asking him for directions on how to use the MRT to get to their destinations if he has to use the MRT or when he’s out with us.

Obviously he’s the wrong person to ask and yet the trend persist. Hmmm possibly something about his face that shows that he knows the MRT when he clearly doesn’t.

I’d love to record more of what he says. Its one of those things that you remember what he says until you wanna pen it down and all of a sudden it is all forgotten.

OK lah I can’t just present my side of the story about my husband’s side without letting you guys get a hint of what I do that he has to put up with.


Mr Hub-hub is more of a fitter person and definitely has more discipline than me when it comes to exercising. However, one difference between Mr Hub-hub and I is that he has slight hypertension.

Of course I’ve said this to him before.

You see, I might be slightly heavier however I am healthier than you. Hahahah!”

On time, he was taking his BP (we have the pump for Mak In Law to use) I purposely said this.

Sayang, can I have a $2000 handbag?”

Sure enough, his BP rose slightly. Hahahaha!

Will type more but I’m spending quality time with my darling husband watching Rajni Khan’s animated movie on Vasantham.

Till the next time!


Member jakon when in cot and nak climb over.


Family portrait. You know I love you.

~*kiss kiss*~


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