Blast from the past!

In the midst of studying aka getting my sh!t together for exams, I thought why not take a break and blog. After all, the only thing that my blog is doing right now catching dust.

First things first! (I’m the realest)
I’ve been studying for about three months plus now and all I can say is I’m tired/ exhausted/ insert whatever word you can think of. I’ll admit that there are times when I do feel that I am not doing enough, or when I think of my daughter, I feel guilty for not spending enough time with her whilst she’s growing, close to having breakdowns (due to so much stress (which is possibly created by non other than me)) and all that.

However I do know that I don’t regret going through this path. I just didn’t foresee how much energy it’ll take up in trying to study/ being a mother/ wife/ daughter/ daughter-in-law. I’ll admit I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again; I’m just grateful to my family members for helping me out, be it monetarily or by taking care of my daughter especially when classes/ discussions ends late. Can’t imagine if I send my daughter to a childcare and I’ve to pick her up by 6. Definitely foresee me picking her up late 😦

As I’ve been spending more time with with my family members, I’ve listened to more of their (or mine) bad jokes as well. 

While waiting for the lift with Thohirah and we were talking about being passive-aggressive
(disclaimer: Lifts are pissing me off because I swear something is off about the algorithm! How can one lift stop halfway (eg at level 7)  just because the other one is going down the whole way when the number of people queuing up for the lift can’t fit into one lift! Just typing this out makes me so angry.)

Me: Thohirah I think I’m passive-aggressive about the — WHY IS THE LIFT STOPPING AT LEVEL 10?!

Thohirah: kaklong, I think you are just aggressive.

With Mr Hub-hub in the kitchen

Mr Hub-hub: Sayang, do you think I have the potensi?

Me: -.-

Mr Hub-hub: that’s because I have the poten-A!

Me: (is this what they call husband jokes) Hahaha!

Was doing work and I asked Thohirah to look after my daughter for one hour

Thohirah: so what do I get kaklong?

Me: her. (Looking at daughter)

Thohirah: kaklong, I’m materialistic. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Me: still her.

Of course after Thohirah played with Luthfiya for a bit she asked me what time is was.

Thohirah: kaklong has it been one hour?

Me: no.

Thohirah: 15 minutes?

Me: no. About 11 minutes.

Thohirah: I’m tired.

Truth be told, I’m kinda sad that the semester is ending. It means one more step to working full time again. It makes me cherish schooling even more. Even if I do complain about school work, it sure is better than complaining about work. I should focus back on my studies. If you’re my classmates and friends alike who’s going to have your exams soon, all the best for the upcoming exams!

Picture diarrhoea before I go










Lucky for my husband, my Mak in law was there to supervise him. 😂😂😂


Trying to teach her how to write and it turns out that Mr Hub-hub and I are now more interested in the draws that WE come up with than her writing process.

That’s all the time I have for this post. Till next time!

~*kiss kiss*~


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