For I have some free time

It’s blessed Ramadhan once again guys! Happy Ramadhan Kareem!

Few days ago, I was thinking, is there any (positive) change(s) in me between the last Ramadhan and now? If it’s a yes, then what is it? If it’s a no, how come? Should we progress as we grow?

Hence my FB status update about prostrate. Somehow, whilst doing terawih yesterday, it felt different. It is as though what I did was off or felt unusual. Turns out last year I wasn’t able to prostrate at all for any of the prayers let alone terawih. I was already in my last trimester (possibly my 8th month) and I remember praying Marghrib one time and I felt as though when I stand after prostrating, I felt as though my tummy left on the ground. That was when I decided that I wasn’t able to perform my prayers standing up anymore.

Told my husband that last year I can’t sujud at all and automatically we looked at our daughter who’s fast asleep. For all the time she has resisted sleep, not wanting to eat her medication, cry badly enough that we don’t know what she wants, she’s still the best gift we’ve ever had.

On Tuesday,  we went out as a family and Luthfiya slept along the way. We have Tutti Frutti yoghurt and my husband wondered out loud

“This is the life. How come we don’t hang out at cafes after work?”

Of course my answer is so simple

“We have Luthfiya, remember? If we don’t have luthfiya, we might just be doing that.”


We went to the SG Art Museum for some free exhibition. One of the installation was some sort of a private screening of some animated works. I was so excited CUZ I CAN’T REMEMBER WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I WATCHED A MOVIE WITH MY HUSBAND!

Nevermind it is some kids story God knows how much I miss watching movies with my husband.


Better end this post before my daughter wakes up.





Gaya hidup sihat.


I’m sure mama will appreciate me finding diapers for myself.




Mak said after this novel, she’ll read the dictionary.


What do mean I’m for sale?


Look I’m climbing!

That’s all for now 😘😘

~*kiss kiss*~


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