Top 5 things I’ll tell myself 10 years ago

Somehow I have been wanting to write this post for awhile. Whenever I look back at all the memories made (whether I blogged it or not) at smiling (not forgetting cringing too!) I have to say this

Life rarely turns out they way you want it to be. For a good reason too. I guess this is why as Muslims we must tawakkal.

Definition via Google

Tawakkal is a mental attitude that is held by a Muslim because of his perfect faith that Allah, the Creator, makes rules that will give humans everything they need.


  1. Blaming others does not solve anything. In fact, it makes you more of an a$$hole. Definitely easier to point fingers but deep down you know you are not at peace till you do something about it. 
  2. At that point of time, you are not the fattest you think you are (cuz as you age chances are you would put on weight and then it’ll be a new  fattest version of you.) Fretting over weight gain will always be an ongoing struggle but you know you can go out and run or stay and that way and do nothing about it. Personally, yes I do want to be healthy but there are other more important things than your weight.
  3. Failures and success are temporary. Failures are not the worst thing and likewise some success are not the best either. 
  4. Family is as important as you make it to be. Funny how when we are younger we have all the time in the world to hang out and taking it for granted. Now when we are all working and headed for different paths, it’s a whole lot harder to keep in touch. 😦 
  5. Lastly, the best things are unplanned (or with little need for planning). I do miss the times I go to KL to visit Uni and Kak Siti! Especially the one with Auntie Ida and Hajar! and not forgetting this…


Do ignore the guy at the back. HAH. Yes that guy is also unplanned too.

Like I said life has a funny way of working out. When I was 16, I would have never thought of things would work out in my life, like where I am now, being in this profession etc…

For now I am just thankful for the good and bad that has happened to me. 🙂


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