A legacy I’d like to leave behind

Lately (by that I mean last night or two days ago max) I’ve been thinking what kind of legacy I’d like to leave behind. Especially something that would benefit our Malay society in particular.

Once there was an episode on Detik (or some other Suria show) and there was this uztaz. He said something along these lines and for some (unknown) reason the story keep on replaying in my mind.

“Our forefathers planted seeds knowing that they would never see the trees. They do so with the intention of benefitting their future generations.”

It also helped that the Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud’s ad keep playing. You know the ad that has this man asking the kids why are they not in school and they replied they have no money. They’ve been around since 1963! Even before Singapore gained independence!

I’ve been thinking what I want/ can do now so that in a way it can help the future generations. Especially being a Malay teacher I believe I can help the Malay society even more. (Though for now I am still trying to figure out how.)

Once my P asked me what are my goals and I answered (not sure if confidently or not)

“I want to get at least one family out of the cycle (of living in rental flats). I know I cannot see my goals realized now. I believe if they can read and on a higher level understand what they read, they can get out of that cycle. I want them to be better than me and achieve more than what I can achieve.”

I definitely did not plan on giving this answer but I realized that this is the ultimate goal in education/ life. My Mak once said

“Mak kalau boleh nak anak mak semua dapat ape yang mak tak dapat.”

Maybe for now I am in a better position to help others. Now the question is HOW do I go about doing this?

I talked to Mr Hub-hub about this last night and his response was

“Luthfiya can be our legacy.”

That is definitely true. Yet somehow there’s a part in me that I want to help even more.

Maybe for now my legacy (whatever it is) is being passed (informally) to Luthfiya and my students. Possibly in due time I can do more.

TL;DR Maria wants to leave behind a legacy but not sure how or what legacy to leave behind.


Because I haven’t posted a picture of my siblings faces in a long while.

~*kiss kiss*~


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