When the husband is away…

The wife comes out and play! No? :p

Currently Mr Hub-hub is away and will back this weekend and here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about.

General side note: when Mr Hub-hub was still Mr Fiance, we rarely meet up. Normal: meeting every two weeks.
Good: meeting every week.
Better: meet twice a week.

This week him away from me is the longest we’ve been apart since we got married.

Moving on.

We talked about how will it be with him away from me. Questions that I asked him

“Will you miss me?”
“What if I have no time to miss you?”

Question he asked me
(We were watching some Tamil movie and you know the scene whereby a girl is lying down on her bed and smiling, thinking of her lover) “will you do that?”

Obviously my answer was -.-”

Truth be told it was hard not to miss him you know. Even if I was denying it.

As I now work in the afternoon session, by the time I reach home, he’s usually home already and I’d spill on what had happened in school/ class and I’d ask him how was his day. We’d watch the Malay dramas and discuss about it before going to bed. That was our routine everyday. 

Now no more as he’s not around. It makes me appreciate this (albeit boring) routine more.

Yesterday at work I was munching NON STOP. And it dawned on me. Possibly I was denying myself that I was missing him till I eat so much! (Is that even possible?!)

Who knows. Maybe I was just a little more hungry than usual. (I can so hear my Mak’s voice “Macamane badan kau tak naik?!”)

Before marriage, he was away once and I asked him if I could stay at my parents place when he’s away. After some consideration he said yes. I already imagined me going out, like I’m still not married, having dinner with Hajar and all that.

However, back then we fail to consider if we have a child is such an agreement still possible. Technically I could go back to jurong. Just that I would have to shuttle from AMK to Jurong. Possible but not feasible.

Looking back, it is normal for wives to miss their husband and also drop hints for the husband to get handbags from the duty free shops. Also it is also normal for the husbands to politely ignore such request as well.

What do you mean I can't follow?

What do you mean I can’t follow?

~*kiss kiss*~


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