Thinking It Through Slowly: Kosmopolitan on Suria

Was talking to Mr Hub-hub yesterday and I realised that I did not even blog last month! I’ve decided that I’m going (at the very least try) to write a weekly post (most probably every Thursday) on certain topics that may or may not bug me.

I’m calling it “Thinking It Through Slowly” or the acronym *insert acronym here* (yes it’s vulgar but I’m thinking you guys might actually remember it better because of the acronym *wink wink*).

As I do realise that my family (hello pak cik mak cik yang ku sayangi!) no way am I going to actually type out the acronym here heh! Instead, I’m going to type it out as my title and whatever issues I’m going to blog about.

Without further ado, here’s my take on Kosmopolitan.

*Disclaimer: whatever I’m going to say, it’s just my opinions. Let’s go!


For starters, when it first came out, I was wondering why Mr Hub-hub was watching it. I thought it was some kind of pretentious Melayus you know and before I knew it, I was hooked! Bam!

Now, I love the show and what it’s showing. Don’t get me wrong, not everything they show is correct or right per se but what they portray do have some kind of validation.

After every episode, I’d discuss some aspects with Mr Hub-hub before falling asleep and will most likely discuss with my colleague as well.

I wouldn’t say it’s a must watch but when you do watch it, you start thinking of how this show impacts the community. Well for me at least.

Things I have discussed with Mr Hub-hub

  1. The couple portrayed are very successful in their own areas. Cars. Chanel bags. Business. It is something that many are dreaming of. I have to admit that once upon a time, I too wanted all these. (Ok more like the Chanel bag hehe.) The show also portrays the problem with all these as well. For the couple, the wife, Jannah, wants to keep up with the lifestyle even though (at the current episode, the business is not doing well and husband suggests that they let go of the car. However, the wife, of course, is reluctant to do so. I’m assuming it’s because of the “prestige” that comes with having a car. So here you see a couple where the wife is beginning to do anything to hide their current problem.)
  2. The civil marriage issue. I’m thinking that now there are more civil marriages as compared to the past. (I have no data to back that up). The issue is not a new matter and will continue be a very touchy issue for years to come. I do hope for the future generations this would NOT be the norm. At the current episode, we see the guy putting in more effort to learn about the religion than the girl, Myra. Which makes me think, somehow, from my observation, more Malays are more inclined to go the “Civil marriage way” as opposed to the “ROMM way”. (Of course there are people who convert just to get married and may not practice the religion after the wedding.) I don’t know who is wrong in this case; the Malays who opt for the civil marriage route or parents who didn’t educate the children on the importance of religion since young or even the influence of the friends of the kids etc. There are too many factors regarding this matter. We can’t pinpoint the MOST important factor.
  3. On the latest episode, the father apologised to Myra for slapping her. My colleague felt that this is outrageous. How can the father apologise to the daughter?! I think this has more to do with the different generation. I think for my father’s generation, the baby boomers would find it hard to apologise unless they are really in the wrong. That being said, in Kosmopolitan, they are trying to introduce the concept of apology. Not just apologizing in between generations but more of apologizing when you are wrong (no matter how old you are.) Made me think if I would apologize to my kids if I did something wrong (the Kosmopolitan way) or die die I’m right all the way (my parents generation way)
  4. One thing I just notice about the show is that there are literally no children. Despite the success and what not. In shorts they are so called “The DINK-leberg” generation (Dual Income No Kids) (Dinkleberg reference from Fairly Odd Parents yo!) To the best of my knowledge, there will be no children on the show. No plots of Jannah or Myra getting pregnant. This is a reality that we are facing.
  5. Total Baby Bonus Benefits by Birth Order
    Birth Order Cash Gift from Government Maximum Matching Government Contribution for Child Development Account (CDA) Total
    First and Second S$6,000 S$6,000 Up to S$12,000
    Third and Fourth S$8,000 S$12,000 Up to S$20,000
    Fifth and beyond S$18,000 Up to S$18,000 for each child

    Baby bonus information. My point would be, if i had 18k for my 5th child, would I be interested in getting a 5th one? Hmmm. The couple in the show can afford a child (I think) but is getting a child in any agenda? Doubt so.

  6. The guy with the big bike, Alfie. His credit problem is enough for me to renovate my future house. Definitely not a new problem not just within the Malay community but just about anyone who has a credit problem. Just that he is lucky enough to have a friend who can bail him out of the problem temporarily. Many others are not so lucky.
  7. My another colleague said that this show is definitely not for kids. I have to agree with this. Parental guidance is definitely recommended.

There are many other issues that Kosmopolitan raise but for now I shall leave it at this. (Plus my daughter woke up.)

What are the issue that you guys think are important or not-so-important-but-important-enough-to-bug you?

Tweet to me @mariahumairah hehehe!

Till the next Thinking It Through Slowly post!


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