Random bits of my days

I haven’t got time to blog!

(OK that is a lie. Whenever I want to blog, I plan it out and it stays in my brain for a while till I forget about it.)


2014 had been a whirlwind and now it’s Feb already.

Nothing much to update but

  1. I think I may have lost weight. However, as of this morning, Mr Hub-hub held my hand for a bit and said “80”. As in 80 kg. -.-“
  2. My siblings think I don’t know what I am doing more than half the time. What makes it worse was that I actually take their advice! (I don’t know who is more stupid; me or them.) Once they said to try bathing my daughter with normal tap water, I did, and suddenly I felt warm. My daughter peed on me as the water was too cold for her. Yes.
  3. Adin Whatsapp-ed me the other day and truth be told, I miss NIE days! And occording to her, I’m still the same. My response “I’m staying true to myself.”
  4. I think I am now too comfortable around my husband. So much so I speak to him more or less like this “God give me the strength to not *insert painful acts* my husband”
  5. I begin to wonder what kind of parent am I. The good one? The bad one? The one who is the bad police? How can I make my daughter smart? All the endless questions…
  6. People have been asking when’s my next one. I’ll just say “Someday hopefully not this year” (I do want more kids but I think this year too much competition.)
  7. I simply love weddings now as it is a social gathering (especially when friends get married. I had to leave earlier last weekend and I do regret it. Definitely will attend whoever’s next in line’s wedding)
  8. I seem to be more motivated to do things now as I believe they’ll impact my future even more so as I now have a daughter. It bothers me that I think this way you know. Like why wasn’t I motivated before this? Why only after the birth of my daughter? Only He has the answers.
  9. SO looking forward for the long holidays! (Though pretty much the whole of SG is like on shutdown cuz of Chinese New Year)
  10. A wonderful surprise.
    A wonderful surprise.

    Look at how small my daughter was. And she’ll continue to grow and grow and break my heart and I do know at times I will break her heart. I do hope she knows that I do what I can as a mother looking out for her eldest daughter.


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