The A to Z of 2014!

The new year has begun and while I’m reading everyone else blog entry about the past year, I’ve yet to pen down mine! Somehow I got this stroke of genius (heh) to pen down memories according to the alphabet. Not going to lie, possibly I might cheat on some of the spelling or even language to fit into some of the letters. Without further ado, here’s my 2014 according to the alphabet!

A is for Alhamdulillah!

Praise be to Allah for the wonderful year he has given me. I never thought this year would be extraordinary with the birth and all that but He has surpassed all expectations I had. For that I’m truly grateful.

B is for beranak! (literally giving birth)

No surprise here. I have to say the moment I gave birth, after all the pain I went through, I knew I could overcome other things.

C is for constipation!

This is the C that no one wants. Makes me appreciate my digestive system more actually. And the importance of drinking loads of plain water.

D is dynamic duo!

To bring Luthfiya out is a combined effort. It need not neccessarily be with Mr Hub-hub, it could also be with anyone I’m going out with. However, I have to give a shoutout to Mr Hub-hub for helping me out whenever Luthfiya gets cranky and all that. *extends fist bumps*

E is for energy!

When it comes to Luthfiya, I got loads (or force myself to be filled with) energy. When it comes to exercise, cue in all the excuses I can find in my mind. Yet I still wonder why I cant shed off the last 6 kg from the pregnancy gain. *Dramatic sighs*

F is for family!

Now and always family comes first. I feel happy that even though I’m at Yishun most of the time, I can still kaypoh about things that happen in Jurong. Skill. Hahaha.

G is for Game on!

For me, it’s really half the battle won when Mr Hub-hub and I agreed on a certain thing. For example, when I had to attend a wedding in the east and I’m going via public transport aka MRT. Surprisingly, it is not that hard. Lifts are easily accessible and pushing the stroller is a breeze.

Though there was one time where the lift was taking too long so we both decided to use the escalator. We made sure of everything and all that. Mr Hub-hub lifted the stroller up and of all things that could tumble out of the stroller, it was actually our 100+ drinks that went down the escalator! Thankfully the couple behind us manage to catch it for us.

H is for hotel!

Went for a short trip with my in laws and for the first time ever Luthfiya slept between us. The hotel does not have cots. Usually I’m the one between them. A blessing in disguise as now Mr Hub-hub knows how Luthfiya wakes up. She usually doesn’t cry. She’d lift her legs up and drop them. I’ll wake up to the thuds that she makes and her leg drops.

I is for innovate!

I’ve to innovate especially when I don’t have things in hand cuz the baby wants what it wants, no? For example, I left her teething toy and she’s crying. My next best solution: my finger. Though people have been telling me that once her teeth has grown, that’s not a really wise idea.

J is for Ja-ja-jaded!

Truly an understatement but there are days when I feel like sleeping the day away.

K is for Krispy Kreme!

There was once when I bought half a dozen of Krispy Kreme, one of which was original glazed. We didn’t finish the box and heat up the leftovers the next day. I discovered this hack.

If you heat up the original glazed doughnut, your kitchen will smell of vanilla! And also, it’ll soften and taste so much better!

L is love! (Or lust ahahah!)

Sorry just had to add the “lust” bit at the end. Hahah! Just thought of this, the more love you give, the more love you get. Though you do feel like strangling the other person half the time. (I’m looking at you Mr Hub-hub.)

M is Me Time!

Yes there is a lack of that but I’m thankful that I have understanding in laws and my parents that allow to go for a (very quick) shopping trip.

In the past, I’ll have all the time in the world to shop. Now, I plan the shops I plan to go at the shopping mall. Then go straight for the sizes. If I like something, I quickly scan for the size, ask Mr Hub-hub how it looks and if it fits, I grab it. Repeat this process a few more times in a couple of shops. Rush home. I take whatever I can get.

N is for No Problem!

One thing I learnt is that don’t view things as a problem. Once you do that, I think it’ll weigh you down by about 75% when it actually could be a small matter. Though of course there are exceptions to this.

O is for Online Shopping!

The casualty is usually Mr Hub-hub. Me? I’ll wait impatiently for the parcel to come! I mean that is the fun in online shopping right?

P is Priorities!

Priorities change. Which means (I foresee) I won’t be going to the cinemas anytime soon. I really do not want to be THAT annoying parent asking why the sound is so loud.

Q is for Quiet!

Everything is good when it is quiet. When the quietness is broken by cries, that’s when we start to rush. Though after a while, we can roughly gauge why she is crying.

Could be a bad dream, could be hunger, could be cuz she wants us to carry her.

R is for RAH-RAH!

At times, encouragement is all that we need. Just saying to your spouse/ cousins/ friends you can do it, or give tips on how to improve something helps. We are each others cheerleaders.

S is for SAYANG SAIRI and also Sairi s…!

You know I love my husband dearly but there are times when I do feel like strangling him.

Case is point:

I was telling how he should listen to me and how his life would be safer that way.

Ade ke he replied

“Sayang isteri di pukul pukul lan, sayang suami di belai belaikan”

This is in reference to the Malay saying

“sayang anak tangan- tangankan, sayang bini tinggal- tinggalkan”


Of course I must admit there are times I’m positive he wanted to strangle me too.

Case in point

He asked me to join for a run just now. I told him ok but I want to nap first. I woke up with him talking to me, his body wet, and him lying over me. Turns out he had went for a run, and he was sweating. I asked him why he didn’t wake me up.

He said he did. I told him I don’t remember. His reponse

“Of course you don’t remember. You were sleeping.”

T is for Thohirah!

Somehow not seeing her as often makes me feel as though we are closer. Also I can annoy her since she’s waiting for her O level results.

U is for Umbrella!

One time Mr Hub-hub and I decided not to bring the umbrella when we are out with Luthfiya.

Of course it rained that day.

V is for Vitagen!

My mak in law buys Vitagen from this Vitagen lady who comes on Thursday evenings. I initially prefer Yakult but now I prefer Vitagen instead. I would have probably drank a whole lot more Vitagen  while living in Yishun as compared to when I was staying in Jurong.

W is Walk away!

I truly believe at this age, we should walk away from things that don’t make you happy or things that you can’t change. If you can’t do this, then deal with this in a mature manner.

X is for eXpensive!

With rising cost and all that, it truly makes me wonder how on earth did my parents raise 4 kids?! True we didn’t get everything that we wanted, but at the end of the day, though we didn’t turn great, we turned out pretty much okay you know. Nowadays kids get everything they want and they somehow don’t seem as happy as we were when we were kids you know?

Y is for Yummy tummy!

Truth be told, I didn’t expect myself to cook so much for Mr Hub-hub. One of our current do-together-things is to actually recreate dishes that we taste in restaurants like fish and chips, mushroom soup etc. We are going to try and recreate Pastamania’s Creamy Seafood Tom Yum pasta till we get it right. The first time I tried, it was too watery. Possible going to try this again soon as we already have the ingredients. Can’t wait!

Z is for Zzzzzzz!

Definitely not having enough sleep and more than once crankiness got the better of us. One of my aunt remarked that we’ll only get enough sleep when the kids are all grown up. MY DAUGHTER’S ONLY FIVE MONTHS OLD! Guess I’m a long way from sleeping through the night ahahah!

There you have it. A to Z of 2014! Now I’m going to dump whatever pictures I have in my thumbdrive.

Ps no new year resolution. If I do something better this year, it’s good enough for me.

Still small. Taken during confinement.
Still small. Taken during confinement.
Luthfiya's and Mr Hub-hub's resemblance
Luthfiya’s and Mr Hub-hub’s resemblance

Well somehow my one thumbdrive can’t be read and I think one of Mr Hub-hub’s thumbdrive has a virus! Ugh.

Hopefully I’m blogging more actively this year!


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