What I have learnt during my maternity leave

16 weeks have gone by. What have I actually learnt during those 16 weeks aside from giving birth?

The JUST IN CASE syndrome

If you’re a new parent or just found out that the gender of your baby or just found out that you’re pregnant, STAY AWAY FROM THERE. Might as well include baby fairs. You see, as you are pregnant with your first child, you’ll feel this overwhelming need that whatever that you see, you should buy. JUST IN CASE.

JUST IN CASE the baby is allergic to this, we buy an alternative brand.

JUST IN CASE we run out of <insert product>, we should buy more. Plus there’s a sale.

JUST IN CASE the baby outgrows <insert clothing item> we should get this.

And this is how you end up wondering how come you spend extra this month.

All things aside, there are some things that you do stock up on when there is a sale. For example, diapers and formula milk.

However, I wouldn’t suggest buying a lot of diapers at one go. Yes they’ll be wearing them and changing them, you must realise that they do grow and the diapers might be too tight for the baby.

Internet banking is a deadly device

As you’ll be spending long hours at home, with your IB device looking all innocent, tempting you to use them, its all too easy to fall prey to online shopping. Fortunately for me (or rather unfortunately for my husband) I don’t have one. (Guess who has one?)

He now dreads whenever I ask him

“You sayang I tak?” 

“Sayang me or not?”

Of course he’ll answer

*dramatic sigh* “You nak ape?”

*dramatic sigh* “What do you want?”

Of course God is fair. Usually most of the clothes that I want don’t come in my size or the measurements are a bit off. (OK more like a LOT off)

Google may not necessarily be your best friend

It’s very easy nowadays to Google up anything and everything. However, it may also add on unnecessary stress on your part.

During the first few weeks, my daughter literally had green poo. I was shocked as usually it was a mustard colour. I began to Google and I swear almost every site said that it’s not good and all. I got stressed out. I start thinking what did I eat wrong and all.

The first month injection came along and I asked the nurse in charge about it. She showed me a chart and green poo is actually normal.

So much for Google. Pfft. It’s better to ask your someone elder about it.

Sleeping is overrated

You’ll definitely be able to sleep lesser AND not be a grouch. On most days. Sometimes.

Plan how to spend your time

Chances are after confinement you’d be able to go out and somehow still manage to spend your time at home with your wee one. If you want to catch up on the latest TV series, go ahead. It’s better to do something than nothing.

For me I’ll go to the nearest library and borrow books. (Not that I’ll finish them all. Some I browse through some I’ll just return back the following week.) Once a week I’ll drop by my grandparent’s place and see them. They’ll in turn be more excited to see my daughter.

People are happier to see the baby instead of us

Might as well fade into the background while others fuss over the baby. Till the baby starts crying. Only then will the baby be passed back to you. After which sometimes the baby gets passed around again and the cycle continues.

Payday is still payday

Nothing makes me happier than the 12th of every month. Heh.


All jokes aside, you will learn more about your spouse at the same. Going out is no longer just about you. We do plan routes with lifts in mind so that when we do use the stroller it’s a whole lot more easier.

Waking up at night the first time is ok. It’s waking up the second time that really leaves me tired. Just this morning my husband told me to sleep again after waking up the second time at about 5.50 am. Why? I was unusually hyper. I was singing to Luthfiya the Lion King song while she’s sitting on my tummy. I went back to sleep woke up later and it was only then that I felt more normal.

In Islam, we believe that children is actually a responsibility God entrusted us with and it is utmost important that we do the best we can to raise it. It is easier at times and it can also be harder as well. For now, I’ll just content myself with Luthfiya’s smiles and the scent of her hair.


Tell me you can resist that smile. Heh.


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