Maria Luthfiya 1 Educational Chart 0

It has actually been a whole year since I got married! Time really flies! I read somewhere that as we age, time tend to pass by a whole lot faster than when we were young.

So how did we celebrate it? I had a pedicure and bought a dress while Mr Hub-hub watched Lucy. Nothing fancy really.

What was more interesting was how we wanted to teach Luthfiya ABC’s.

On Friday, I went to Popular and saw this Flipchart whereby there’s 20 different sections on it. Immediately I thought of Luthfiya. I know I know #asianparents. I didn’t buy it immediately but it definitely stayed on my mind.

When I called Mak and told her about buying it, she burst out laughing.

Budak tu 2 bulan bukan 2 tahun!

That kid is 2 months old not 2 years old!

Obviously I wasn’t daunted by it and Mr Hub-hub thought it was a good idea. Off we went to Popular on Saturday and bought it.

Come today (Sunday) we decided it was a good time to try it out. OBVIOUSLY we didn’t think about how Luthfiya would react to it.


Somehow in our minds, she’ll be very engaged. Turns out, she was looking EVERYWHERE ELSE but the charts! So what did we do?


We brought the chart closer to her. In our bright minds, we thought it’ll make her focus. Instead…



Maria Luthfiya 1
Educational Chart 0

Somehow we still weren’t daunted. We flipped the chart to show other things. Mr Hub-hub decided it would be good to teach her about birds.

She was so reluctant about it that when we tried to pull her hand to touch the pictures, she stiffened her hands. We decided to flip to other sections, same reaction, I announced that it was recess.

Put her down and…


She started feeling sleepy and before long…


She fell asleep. Mak in law said she’s tired. For a class of about 5-8 minutes.

And now she’s wide awake again. Drama eh this kid. Hehehe!

We can always resume class tomorrow. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Maria Luthfiya 1 Educational Chart 0

    1. Thanks for the tip. She did respond a lot better. Cud be due to the colors on the pages. However, 5-8 minutes later she ngantok and nak sleep! hahaha! I guess one step at a time hehehe thanks again šŸ˜€

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