6 hours 30 minutes.

That’s how long Luthfiya took to fall asleep last night.

From 7 pm all the way till 1.30 am. 


Why would you want your daughter to sleep at 7?!


The thing is at 6 plus we did try to wake her up (so that at night she wouldn’t wake up) but by 6.30 it was futile. She was closing her eyes and I had resigned myself to accompanying her at night during her cries. Little did I know it’llbe all the way till 1!


She’d sleep for about 10- 15 minutes max before waking up again, crying and us pacifying her. 


I even came up with a peribahasa (proverb) for her.


Mata yang tutup jangan disangka tidur.

Closed eyes doesn’t mean sleeping.


I have to say that is applicable to most if not all babies. If it doesn’t apply to your baby, you are SOOOO lucky!


That being said, I still love my daughter and guess who turned a month old today?!


The very same person who kept me up last night! Maybe that was her present to me.


Headaches and eyebags. Hahah! I do wish I got better presents from her.


Ok wait. It sure beats her present to me this morning. While dressing her, she sneezed, resulting her to poo and pee. Yep. This is motherhood alright.


Sleeping so innocently.
Sleeping so innocently.
Look how high she's raising her legs!
Look how high she’s raising her legs!


Happy one month o’ wee one.



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