If I wear the bottom, don’t say breathe, zip also cannot!

In other words, I still can’t fit into some most of my clothes! That would not be a problem if I don’t have an event to go to in three weeks time!



I’ve lost 9kg to date. 

My Mak in law says she can see my chin now. (Previously my face was all round.)

I can (finally!) wear my engagement ring again! (Took it off four months into my pregnancy. Towards the end, my finger got really swollen.)


Bad news

I still got 7 more kg to go. 

This means I can neither fit into most of my clothes! Not that fat then again not that thin either. 


I want to wear a baju kurung to the event that I’m going to in three weeks time. Which is definitely a problem. 


You see, most of my baju kurung are tailor made. While I can fit the tops (I love baju kurung pahang), it’s the bottoms that’s making me angry!


If I wear the bottom, don’t say breathe, zip also cannot!


As much as I love abayas and jubahs, I for one would like to wear a decent baju kurung for this event. Also it’s a lot easier to pump milk whilst wearing a baju kurung than a jubah/ abaya.


Told Mr Hub-hub I need to lose 8kgs in 3 weeks, his response?




I need a miracle right now to fit into my baju kurung. 


Jubah pun jubah lahhhh…


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