#flashback on the year I turned 24

My birthday’s a month away and as Luthifya is sleeping beside me, I’d squeeze in this blog post.

I’ve got to admit, me turning 24 has got to be one of my most eventful life yet. I mean, at 24 I got married, pregnant and gave birth! That itself is already three events in my life. Yes I know people my age are more likely than not to be working, studying still and heck even travelling (trust me I do get pangs of envy when I see IG pics) while I’m already tied down with two kids. (One being my husband who is constantly disturbing Luthifya whenever he gets the chance. What they say about husband being another child that needs to be taken care of is true. #nolie)

I got married

Still one of my favourite shots ever
Still one of my favourite shots ever
Favourtie henna done of all time
Favourtie henna done of all time

This definitely ranks as number one in my list. The whole event and experience is just so surreal. I mean I had no idea I was going to get married this early. Would I have then delay this marriage if I had a choice? Probably not. I’d still choose to get married this early (by some people’s definition.) Did it alter some of the plans I had for myself? It definitely did. However I believe everything happens for a reason. If I don’t get something now, Allah has better plans for me. Maybe I’ll get it later in life or might not get it at all.

Bought a house

Our slimmer days
Our slimmer days

We bought a house! Sound so adult lorr and yes it is. So many forms needed. One thing we couldn’t understand is why they need our CPF statements. Can’t they just extract it for us? Hmmm… That being said, I wonder how I am as a housewife. Can I actually keep the house clean? How do I nurture my child(ren) in my house? How will we be as parents? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. NO. ANSWERS. FOR. NOW.

I got pregnant!


Towards the end of my pregnancy my tummy got really big. So big that I somehow don’t realise that it was that big. You know I can be really oblivious right? Hahaha. Was it a planned pregnancy? No. Do I regret it? Definitely not.

I truly believe that now for me is the right time to be a mother. While I still have the energy and strength. One of my colleagues told me when he had his first daughter, he wasn’t really affected by the late night waking up and feeding his daughter. However, when he had his second daughter much later, he can really feel the late night toll on his body. I truly understand this. I mean, now already I can feel the toll on my body from some of the late nights, what more when I have children later in life?

Also I read somewhere that when you have children earlier in life, true your career will be affected at the start. However, when you have children later in life, you have to remember that for most (I’m not saying all) that’s when your career starts to really progress. Your career progression is more likely to affect you then as opposed to having children earlier.

That being said, I have been asking myself (and of course Mr Hub-hub) are we going to have a one child policy, stop at two, have three if you can afford it or stop at four? :p

(See what I did there? HEHEHE!)

All jokes aside, people HAVE been asking me when’s my next one! Just so you know I’m still in confinement and my baby is three weeks old today. Hahaha!

Mak went one step further. The hospital was sent to my parents’ house and Mak brought it over. After I told her the bill, she said

“Bukannya mahal sangat. Kau boleh beranak lagi.”

“Not so expensive. You can give birth again.”


Maria Luthfiya came into our life

Yes I sleep most of the time. That is if I'm not crying or feeding.
Yes I sleep most of the time. That is if I’m not crying or feeding.

Ok this one is definitely a no brainer and I am going to insert so many cliches here.

  • I never thought I can love someone this much.
  • Luthfiya has taught me patience. If you have to get up like clockwork every three hours for someone’s feeding session and not complain about it, that’s patience and love right there.
  • Told Mr Hub-hub that I think now we love Luthfiya more than we love each other. He replied Luthfiya doesn’t have a credit card. Ok lah I still love you more k? šŸ˜€
  • Jokes aside, I really think for now we really love her more than us.
  • Have to admit the first couple of days were tough. Now, even though we’re still getting used to each other, itĀ hasĀ definitely gotten a lot better. Till Mr Hub-hub gets home and starts disturbing her.

What else can I say? It’s definitely going to be an uphill and downhill journey for the next 20 years plus (literally). Last night, I asked Mr Hub-hub if Luthfiya knows we love her. Yes she’s only three weeks old but I’d still like to know you know. Maybe she might not know it now, but I hope when she grows up, she’ll read my blog posts and know that we love her and she is loved by many.

Which means I’ll have to continue blogging for another 20 years. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

My 24th birthday

I turned 24 not 42! Should have realised that camera is mirror image. Ugh.
I turned 24 not 42! Should have realised that camera is mirror image. Ugh.
Happy her, happy me
Happy her, happy me

There wasn’t any birthday parties whatsoever. Just a sushi dinner with Hajar. Admittedly, we haven’t been seeing much of each other. We were reduced to having Macdonald dates at where else but Pioneer Mall. I use “were” as now I have Luthifya. How do I go out bringing her along? I’ve yet to bring her out all by myself. HOW ARE WE GOING TO GO OUT NOW HAJAR?! But it’s ok. We shall figure out something SOON.

Being away from my family

SAM_1091Truthfully there are days when you miss them and when you finally meet them, you’ll wonder,” Did I actually miss them?”

Hahaha. That being said, I believe being apart from them somehow makes me closer to them. I never thought I’d whatsapp Mak every single day (though now she only wants updates about Luthfiya), call Thohirah (Ok this is me wanting to annoy her), send pictures of Luthifya in the family whatsapp group etc

Somehow, back then when I lived with my family, I took staying close to them for granted. Now to make up for the distance away from them, I am now more kay-poh than ever. Trust me no matter how far I am, I’d still be the kay-poh sibling/daughter they will always have.

Final note

Minah-minah bunga
Minah-minah bunga

Turning 24 has been rather exciting, a year where so many things happen. Things that I never thought I’d do, or at the very least, not do it so soon.

There are still many things I’ve yet to accomplish, many things that I can do better, even more things to learn. Whatever I have achieved or not achieved for the year, all I can say is Alhamdulillah. I’m thankful for all that I have managed to be able to do.

What do I say about turning 25?

I’d say bring it on!

PS I so wish I hadn’t complained how much weight I gained last time.

Current goal: be of acceptable weight.


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