Day 10 of being a Mum

Exactly 10 days ago, my daughter came into our lives and our lives have never been happier… And also tiring! Hahahaha!

You see, Mr Hub-hub and I are not exactly nocturnal. Not in the slightest bit. We’re the kind sleeping at 11 is already considered late. Yep. That’s us alright.

When Luthfiya starts crying at night (she’s such a nocturnal person!), the very next day, you can see us both very shagged! My face would be swollen and Mr Hub-hub would get a bit cranky. I told this to Mr Hub-hub

“Her 6 hours of being awake (12 midnight till 6 in the morning) is enough to cost us our day!”

It’s her night time feeding that kills us. She’d spend the better part of the day sleeping and wait till night to remind us that we’re now parents and apparently her feeding time slaves!

That being said, I am truly happy to be a mom. Seeing people shower her with love makes me even happier as we know there are people who love her. Maternal and paternal grandparents, my siblings (Thohirah doesn’t miss me anymore (not that she did in the first place) she misses Luthfiya. I’ve been replaced!), cousins, aunts and the whole lot.

Last week, Mr Hub-hub took the whole week off and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful. Turns out Luthfiya has jaundice (bad enough that she had to go to polyclinic 4 times). In hindsight, possibly Mr Hub-hub nor I could foresee this happening. Him taking leave was actually one of the bet decisions ever.

What was I doing while Mr Hub-hub and Mak in law brought Luthfiya to polyclinic?

Having massages. The makcik is petite but goodness! I fell asleep and whimpered in pain at the same time! She’s good!

All in all, for the past 10 days, I can’t deny the tiredness (you can actually see it on my face) but I also can’t deny the happiness either. Whatsapp-ing Mak pictures of her (Mak knowing the picture I sent to her is an old picture and asking no new pictures today?), whatsapp-ing my family etc…

I’m trying to adjust to being nocturnal (not an easy task but Alhamdulillah I don’t feel as tired now when I wake up at 3 for her feeding).

I’m going to leave you guys with two pictures of Luthfiya. Till the next post! *many flying kisses*




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