Mum’s the new word!

Recently, I’ve spent 9 months being pregnant and what better way to end it off with a bang than giving birth?!

(Ok so that doesn’t sound as funny as I thought it would and somehow you are to give birth after being pregnant anyways provided there’s no complications.)

All things aside, I did think about writing the whole ordeal about giving birth or what people have been asking.

• No I did not take epidural.
• Yes it was natural birth.
• Worse pain of my life. Ever. (Or till I decide to give birth again. Or not. Mak told me subsequently the pain will get lesser. Not sure if it’s a trick to get me to produce more grandchildren. Hmmm.)
• From first contraction till delivery of baby, roughly 6-7 hours.
• water broke at home.
• Gained 16kg, baby’s weight is 2.98kg. You do the maths on where the other 13kg went!

And nowwwwwww I shall present to you what Mr Hub-hub and I agree to be our Love at first sight.


Say hello to Maria Luthfiya Binte Mohd Sairi guys!



Of course I had to put a picture of the man who made me produce a baby right?!

Despite all the pain for the past 9 months, in the delivery suite, as cliche as it sounds, once the baby is out, you’ll literally forget all the pain and a sense of love for this new being.

Welcome to the family my love. *kiss*


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