Hello 28 weeks!

Been wanting to do a post for the longest time. First thing first!


I’m already 28 weeks along! Time literally flew and I’m already in my third trimester. Alhamdulillah, even when I do feel pain (especially my butt and at night down my right leg) I’m still pretty much ok. I still try to do as much walking (even if it’s just around school which is basically to class/ canteen/ general office. Heh it’s still walking.)


One of my friends whatsapp me said I looked HOT and trust me till now I still kembang over it! Hahaha! 


Truth is there’s so many changes to my body right now that I’ll just take the compliments that I get. 😀


Changes to my body

The most obvious is the weight gain. So far I’ve actually gained 12 kg! 12! (I still have two more months to go you know?!) This is really my heaviest yet. I told one of my colleagues that I can’t shop for now cuz I’m not sure if my body will actually go back to it’s original size, or even smaller (well one can hope) or even *gasp* expand! 


Sometimes I just wanna eat and eat. Obviously my family is going to say that this one before pregnancy also already happening so definitely no change -.-“


OH OH! One scary thing happened! I call it THE SCARE.



Last Saturday I went for a check up at KKH. Had to take a  pee test. Once done I passed it to the nurse and she looked at the bottle. On the bottle, there’s like three rows of different colours. My first assumption was that it represented the different trimesters i.e. first row of colours represented the first trimester, second row second trimester, third row third trimester. She started asking me questions!


“Did you eat breakfast?”


“What did you have?”

“Mee rebus.”

“What did you drink?”


“Is it sweet?”

By this time I asked my husband if it was sweet. To me it was ok. I even diluted it even further by adding hot water to the tea. Explained that to the nurse.


She then explained to me that there was a plus sign (+) from my pee! WHICH MEANS MY SUGAR WAS HIGHER THAN USUAL! 


I then remembered I had a mango the night before! (I even chose the smaller mango. Can you imagine if I chose a bigger mango?!)


All things aside, I still did have ice cream after the check up. It was really hot outside.


Next question people ask me…


What is the gender of the baby?

Well… I don’t know as my baby’s leg were crossed hence can’t really determine the gender of the baby. Am I upset over this? Not really. (As it is, we haven’t really got around to buying things for the baby). I believe, the first one the gender doesn’t matter. It’s the second one that matters more you’d prefer to have the other gender than the one you already have in the first place. What’s more important now is the health of my baby and me 😀 


Other important issues that I can remember offhand

I still don’t know how I’ll be parenting our child. I told my husband I wanna be kuku besi (obviously he was shocked and not for the idea). There’s so many dugaan in today’s world and makes us wonder how we’ll bring it up you know. The balance between agama and studies and whatnot.


We’ve recently purchased our own flat! Hooray! I already started imagining buying mops and clearing up the house, the price of the fridge and all that till Mr Hub-hub reminded me that our house will only be ready in 2017. Just bought the house and my imagination already started running wild. -.-“


I’m thinking if I wanna paste mahjong paper on the walls in case the child wanna draw on it and as usual Mr Hub-hub was more of the idea we teach the kids to not draw on walls but on papers and books that we give it. (Obviously he’s got a better thinking brain than mine currently.)


I’d end this post with something more light hearted but then again I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Heh. Till the next post.

*hugs and kisses*


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