Things I’ve done during my pregnancy

There are some questionable things I’ve done during pregnancy which I really hope is normal. 


  1. Google-ing up every single pain that I’ve encountered. (And having various sites telling me that ALL pain wherever it may be that I feel is NORMAL. Bleargh. )
  2. Eating durian for breakfast. (Best feeling ever)
  3. Using my butt as a pivot to get myself off bed and sofa and wherever I happen to lie down on. (Not joking)
  4. Not being able to lie on the floor anymore as it (seriously) takes a lot more effort to get up. (Wish I was kidding about this)
  5. Puking in public (especially when I can’t hold it in anymore. Thohirah: “Kaklong I feel so embarrassed for you. What if people think you’re drunk?!” Me: “Ya in tudung no less” )
  6. Sleeping at 9 pm. (Thohirah once needed my help and my phone wasn’t near me. She accused teachers of having more sleep than students. Mak, on the other hand, believes that nothing has changed. I have always slept a lot anyway. #nottrue )
  7. When Mr Hub-hub and I discovered we were pregnant, we were ecstatic. I remembered Prof Roksana Bibi saying that Jewish mothers would buy problem sum books and doing it the moment they found out that they are pregnant. This is done so that the baby becomes smarter. SO naturally we had to try it. Somehow Mr Hub-hub never threw away his Additional Maths textbook (yep that book is over 10 years old.) and he started teaching me A Maths. I can imagine the shock on your faces. I never did take A Maths for my O’s. Then I realised I was behaving like a student. Literally the moment Mr Hub-hub opened his textbook, the inner student in me would yawn. Yes. Yawn. Alas this plan was short lived as a few weeks later I had All Day sickness (whereby I puked and slept my day away.)
  8. When I shower and look at my tummy, I begin to realise as much as I desire to have a flat tummy once again, in its current state, I honestly think it looks beautiful. 


I think that’s about it. Every pregnancy site will say that every pregnancy is different (trust me you’d feel like rolling your eyes too once you see this exact sentence every single time.)


I’ve about 3 more months to go. How Mr Hub-hub puts it: 3 more months to sleeping peacefully before we start getting up to cries and all that


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