Holiday in Singapore!

Yep. For the termly break, Mr Hub-hub and I didn’t even cross the border. (So much for making my passport pfft!)

Initially the plan was to go to Malaysia (Langkawi to be precise) and my passport was expiring. In Feb, there was the Natas travel fair. (And I found out we have to pay $4/pax to enter the fair.) And apparently our destination wasn’t atas enough. It was more catered for those going to Europe, America, South Africa destinations. For those adventurous enough, you can even go to NORTH Korea. ($2.3k)

Cut story short; for Mr hub-hub and I to go to Langkawi with flight and accomodations it would have cost us a whooping $1.3k! (EXPENSIVE BUDGET AIRLINE PRICES) Somehow it came to the point that it was cheaper to have staycations in Sunny Singapura instead! So that’s what we did.

We were away (even if it’s only from home) for 4 days.


Our first night was at Wanderlust Hotel. WARNING: This is not a family friendly hotel as the moment we entered the room, we were greeted by this…


Yes. That’s a bathtub that’s NOT in the toilet. We were equally amazed as we didn’t know this was part of the room. (Oh yeah we weren’t that particular about the room when we booked it.)


The whole room is painted yellow and the bed was too comfy that you literally sank into it.

Overall the hotel is very pleasant! We loved it!

That night we went to watch a musical, A Singaporean in Paris.


I love it. Mr Hub-hub discovered it wasn’t his thing. One thing: NONE of the actors were actually French. And of course, we were literally the few who were not French that night. (One obvious trait: The men were tall enough (or have legs longs enough) to just skip over the seats instead of walking out the seats and going the row of seat in front.)  I only understood “Oui! Oui!” towards the end of the play where they sang some french song.


For breakfast the next morning we walked over to Little India and for the first time in my life I went to Mustafa Centre in the morning! It was definitely more pleasant to go there in the morning.

Called Mak: Hello Mak! I’m in India now! I’ll be in Arab (Street) later!

Mak just burst out laughing. She was thinking how funny it was of us to have a holiday in Singapore.

Unfortunately we stayed in Wanderlust Hotel for a night. We headed over to the Sultan Hotel and after seeing our room from Wanderlust, we kinda expected a bathtub. Heh. No doubt the room was bigger but to get to the room was something like a maze. Mr Hub-hub was quite excited as he had booked a room a glass for the roof so we can star gaze.

There was barely any stars at night. I have to admit the area was quite accessible so we have to give pointers for that. That night, we had dinner at Kampong Glam cafe and you know who sat beside Mr Hub-hub?!

It’s Nenekku Superspy, Zaleha Hamid! I was quite excited. She really does sound like the characters that she plays in shows. Very motherly and kind. She was listening to this mak cik beside her who got laid off that very day while she was eating. I find that very nice of her.

We then headed over to Esplanade to see the local gigs play their songs. Until Mr Hub-hub had to answer the call of nature. I was waiting for him and we decided to call it a day till I saw MEN IN TAILCOATS!

Obviously Mr Hub-hub couldn’t get why I was SOOO EXCITED over these men in tailcoats. If you are wondering what tailcoats are, it’s actually this.


Literally a group of blonde men were wearing them and suddenly we heard applause! I told Mr Hub-hub we should follow them! Obviously if you were Mr Hub-hub, you’d still be in confusion as to my sudden swooning over them and suddenly me saying that we should follow them (which we did).


Somehow I only got the back view of them and they started performing choir songs! They sounded beautifuuulllllll! Apparently they had just performed (hence people were clapping for them just now).

Of course I had to ask them where they were from.


They were from Helsinki. Upon google-ing them up, they were actually Academic Male Choir of Helsinki! That’s why they were in tailcoats. It’s their costumes. (Of course it didn’t hurt that they sounded so good and looked good you know. Would Singaporean men actually have a reason to wear tailcoats?!)

That was enough was to make me happy that night.


Saturday morning we signed up for painting class. I originally wanted to draw this.


Obviously I didn’t get to. (Life has a funny way of not going my way.) Instead I learned (what I assumed to be) O level ish art techniques (such as lighting and all that.



This is done at the cafe opposite Plaza Singapura. $60/pax

I honestly can’t remember what else we did after that.

Special shout out to Mr Hub-hub, thanks for it all! 😀


Did I mention I’m now 5 months and 3 weeks along? This means Hello third trimester very soon!


Of course I had to insert my own face after this long post.


2 thoughts on “Holiday in Singapore!

    1. Awww! Thanks! Anyways I love reading your blogpost about your experience with breastfeeding hehehhehe… No doubt a bit off putting but at least I know what might actually happen when I do it 😉

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