Random updates

  • I’m 4 months pregnant now. (This means absolutely nothing to some but to others it means I may possibly know the gender of my baby and no I do not know at this point of writing.)
  • Yay to lesser puking! Still there once in a while but def a lot lesser than the previous three months.
  • As of now, I’ve put on 6.7 kg. (Mak was less than thrilled hearing I gained 3.5 kg last month)
  • Difference between mother and mother-in-law about my weight gain. (Personally I find this very funny)


It’s ok. As long as you’re healthy


Where got people gain so much in one month?! It’s hard to lose the weight after pregnancy! Vomit also can gain so much weight! Luckily you don’t want to eat rice! Can you imagine if you had actually eaten rice?!

  • I’ve yet to buy things for the baby. (Seriously hoping I won’t go crazy over buying things for it.)
  • I fell in love with Sereni and Shentel headbands. Again. (LOVE the Kuching Cat Emerald) (Seeing how I’ve already donned the hijab I’ve no idea how to incorporate it together. Totally think it’s best worn with volumised hair and now I’ve fallen in love with the others as well. Sighs.)
  • I should stop drooling over the headbands.

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