It’s time.

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged and I’m glad to be back! Last post was nearly two momths ago and I’m here to make an announcement!

*begins to hit imaginary drums around me*

My husband, Mr hub-hub, and I, Maria Humairah Binte Roslan, am currently pregnant with our first child. We have recently passed our first trimester.


This is our baby at 10 weeks.


Believe it or not, that was my Mak’s first reaction when I told her. HAHAHAHAH!

So if some (not surprised if most of you guys) have the same sentiments, I can’t exactly get mad either since Mak said it first right?

Long story short, here are some FAQs people have asked me since they found out that I’m pregnant.

Do you have morning sickness?

Without a doubt, yes I had and am still having some bouts of morning sickness. The first two months were hard. I couldn’t eat, I would lie down, vomit repeat. I got pills from the doctor that I’d take before I go to work and by the time I reach home, I’m flat.

Is it a boy or a girl? Do you guys want to know the gender?

As of now, we do not know the gender. Mr hub-hub wants to know. I was confident it was a girl then now I think it’s a boy. We shall see…

Ok this is as far as the FAQs goes.


Things I’d just type down for memories.

The week prior to me taking the pregnancy test kit, i was feeling really REALLY TIRED. A trip to the wet market would result in me having 1.5 hours nap after that. Not only that I was really bloated as well. I do get bloated once in a while but this time round it was bad enough that my husband massaged my tummy for me and me falling asleep after that for me to feel better.

I had the 1.5 hour naps for about three days that week. Mind you that was in the December holidays. So work could I have been doing that would tire me out so much right?!

I remembered the day before I tried the test kit, I actually went for a jog.

The night we bought the test kit, I was quite nervous. On the way back Mr Hub-hub said this

“Don’t need to check. I certify you pregnant.”

Punye lah confident orang tu.

The moment we reached our room, Mr Hub-hub went

“I think I want to sleep. You wake me up when you know ok.”


I rushed to the toilet to do the kit. Before I continue, I did not pee on the stick as per the instructions given (as what all movies/ shows says) as you need to pee on it for about 10-15 seconds on it. WHO TAKES SUCH A LONG TIME TO PEE?! I peed on a disposable container and dipped it in for 10-15 seconds. ( I sooooo believe this method makes a lot more sense.)

The positive took such a long time to appear I rushed back to our room to wake Mr Hub-hub up (he wasn’t even asleep to begin with pfft!) telling him to come follow me to the toilet. At this point of time, i was wondering if his parents were wondering why their two grown children were running from the room to the toilet. We weren’t even small to begin with.

Alas, the positive sign came and yes I am indeed pregnant. So Mr Hub-hub was right (I am indeed pregnant). No we did not sleep after that. We were too giddy with excitement. Then we realised something.


(Trust me. It’s a legit problem.)

Somehow we decided to tell our own set of parents.


One of the conversations I’d rank as one that could sum up my first trimester.

I went out for sushi with Hajar but I was tired/ bloated/ wanted to puke. Basically I was a party pooper. I took a cab home and the moment I reached my house, I was sprawled out in the middle of the hall. Li saw me and said the following

“Long, I don’t know if you’re pregnant or fat. Nevermind. I give you the benefit of doubt. You’re having twins.”


My diet (for now)

For some reason, I’ve actually become a very picky eater. I don’t eat rice but I’m beginning to LOVE porridges! I eat noodles, no chicken, I do try to avoid beef as much as possible (unless it’s satay). I begin to love fish. I do try to control my eating portions but somehow at times my appetite isn’t even there to begin with. When I do get headaches, I take it as a sign that my body needs food. I started to like drinking sugary drink, I try not to drink carbonated drink (puked a few times and decided it’s not worth the trouble I go through for it). The doctor said no caffeine, no tea for the first trimester so I’m basically confined to plain water, sugary drinks and Milo.


How I spent the last day of 31. 12. 2013

My father in law wanted to go to Singapore Expo. The moment I reached home, I had a puking frenzy and slept at 9.30. The next day, Mr Hub-hub told me there were fireworks in Yishun. I slept through it.


I was talking to Mr Hub-hub asking him what if I become a whale! I’m due after Hari Raya and for once I can’t wear nice nice clothes you know.

“What if I become a whale?! I’ll still be a sexy whale right?”

Mr Hub-hub could only smile and nod.


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