What I’ve been up to lately

Year 2013 is almost ending and I do realize I haven’t been blogging for a fair bit.Image

Some of you may know that I am currently living with my in-laws and one of my cousins commented I should write a post on how living with my in laws. I told her I just got married for two months plus how to write a post?! Hahaha. That being said I don’t mind giving my two cents worth makcik kpo katakan heh. 

One of the two rules I hold close to my heart

I may be the daughter-in-law but in this house, I am still a guest. 

I am not saying I’m treated badly here. Far from it. i’m treated very well here actually. (So well that I am actually gaining weight!) By default, I am actually a rather messy person. Mr Hub-hub, on the other hand, is a very neat person! Somehow it has trained me to be a neater person (something along the lines of When in Rome, do as the Romans do) and I find myself wanting to go to Daiso to buy storage spaces! Yes I’ve just realised the beauty of Daiso! (Took me long enough don’t ya think?) Told this to Thohirah and she said I’ve become mak-mak already -.-“

Love your in-laws

I actually got this from PROUDDUCK. I love her blog (even Mr Hub-hub knows I read her heh!) When she got married, she said this and I do believe in it. 🙂

What do I do at my in-laws?

Some have been asking me what I’m doing at my in-laws especially during the holidays. Mr Hub-hub is working and I am at home with my mother-in-law (MIL) till he comes back.

Things I do with my MIL

  • Go to the wet market (There’s two; one called pasar atas the other Chong Pang.)
  • At pasar atas, on Tuesdays, there’s this apek who sells cloth by the yard. MIL will buy some and she’d teach me how to make a pillowcase. This must be cause I told her I didn’t know how to sew. I’ve yet to make one on my own though.
  • Go to Sembawang Shopping Centre via the shuttle bus
  • Learn and see how MIL cooks
  • Look through her recipe book and see if there’s any recipe I’d like to try
  • (Try the recipes that I’ve picked out together.)
  • She also brings me around the neighbourhood.
  • (Yishun is becoming less foreign to me though I still think the bus service here still needs some getting used to. Whenever I leave the house, I’ll ask her what bus I’ve to take to get where I’ve to go.)
  • Go for walks with MIL.
  • Copy recipes down. (I am actually worried if I forget her recipes as they are simple and her style of cooking is somewhat similar to how Mak cooks.)
  • There are also days when I go out with Mak and Thohirah.
  • I also call Mak once a day or once every two days in the morning.
  • MIL will then ask me to eat (I’d say “Nanti badan naik.” Her reply,”Kan tangan ke mulut tu macam exercise?” HOW TO NOT GAIN WEIGHT?! AHAH!)

Depending on Mr Hub-hub’s schedule and mine, we’d go back to my parents’ place either Friday evening or Saturday. Depending on our schedule again, we’d be back in Yishun by Sunday or even go straight to work on Monday morning.

Come to think about it, it is actually quite happening! Hahah!

I have to admit I do feel shameless saying our life quite happening *giggles*


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