“You don’t like my voice?”

SAM_1377Monday night, Mr Hub-hub came home and said

“Here’s something to celebrate our 2nd month.” He had bought tickets to go the the RWS S.E.A Aquarium and I was really excited as I’ve never been there before. He had bought the tickets and I patiently waited for Wednesday to come.

On Tuesday night, after I had dinner, he said this

“Wanna exercise?”

YEP. After I ate dinner. Somehow he was tired enough and the plan was cancelled.

On Wednesday morning, it was raining in the north.

“Wanna exercise? But it’s raining…”

I took it as an announcement that the exercise was cancelled as the weather was good enough to sleep in. Afterall we are going out later.

After I had breakfast

“Come let’s do Insanity sayang!”

Seems to me Mr Hub-hub is a fan of “Lets-ask-my-wife-to-exercise-AFTER-she-eats”! -.-“

Guess what? I did the Insanity Day 2 workout. Yes. Since that day, we only did the 2nd one yesterday morning.

We got ready and went on our way.

The SEA Aquarium was very packed with many tourist (we ended up at one point listening to the tour guide’s explanation regarding some display) and locals alike (hey, it IS school holidays). If you checked the RWS site, the whole of December is considered peak periods.

Mr Hub-hub was really fascinated by the jellyfishes!
Mr Hub-hub was really fascinated by the jellyfishes!


Sad face stingrays
Sad face stingrays


Jellyfishes that looks like mushroom
Jellyfishes that looks like mushroom



About 3/4 way through the exhibition, we started to feel tired. Not surprising actually.

 The very first picture at the top is us being tired. Ok him being tired cuz obviously I’m not that tired enough. Heheh.

After the whole SEA Aquarium, we went to watch Tangkap Api better known as Catching Fire. 

REALLY AWESOME and wondering why didn’t I watch the first one and why haven’t I read the books?!

For some reason, we do prefer the movie to the whole SEA Aquarium. The movie is THAT good. Probably we were that tired and wanted to seat down really badly. Ok that’s just me.

On our way back, I realised that while Mr Hub-hub is a fan of  “Lets-ask-my-wife-to-exercise-AFTER-she-eats”, I, on the other hand, is a fan of “Lets-leave-my-husband-behind-as-I-quickly-exit-the public-transport”.

I have exited the MRT a few times and walked ahead only to realise Mr Hub-hub is not near me!


What are we going to do with each other?! Hahah!


This convo took place just as we’re waiting for the train.

“I like how Najib speaks. His intonation is good…”

“Najib Ali?”

“No, Najib Tun Razak. He has a certain increase and decrease in his tone…”

“You don’t like my voice?”

“Your voice only goes higher and higher and higher…”


Mr Hub-hub shared this story with me. That day he was working at the Gardens by The Bay and a kid was throwing a small tantrum. His mom took out her phone and talked to it and said to the kid

“Santa say you must listen to Mommy…”


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