Little little changes.

I had to reset (or rather make a Singpass account (or was it password)) in order to see how much I have in my CPF account. You know, just so I can calculate just how much I have to owe the government in order to have a roof over Mr Hub-hub’s head and mine.

When you reset your Singpass thingy, you need your NRIC. Which is fine. We all need IC’s for everything today.

I went to the one CC nearest to JP and get it done. At the counter were two (most definitely) secondary school students. One asked for my IC while the other was minding her own business.

Suddenly the one who’s entertaining my request talked to the other one in Chinese. I was thinking what could be wrong with my IC.

And then it dawned on me. The face that is on my IC does not have a head scarf (or hijab or tudung whatever you call it).

“I assure you that it’s me. Heheh”

They just giggled it off and did whatever they had to do.

It got me thinking I can’t wait till I’m 30 to change my IC and how on earth I could have told the girls that it’s my face on the IC and they can actually believe it?!

What if I was an imposter?!


This reminded me of the time I had to accompany Li to RP for some reason. At that time, Mas Selamat had just escaped and I had discovered that RP doesn’t have any fences!

“Mas Selamat could be here!”

“Diam lah Long!”

And the other time (also during the time Mas Selamat escaped) at the customs departing for Malaysia.

“OmG he could have slipped into Johor!”

So. Much. For. Maturity.

Mandatory photo in a blog post.


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