Keeping fit with Mr Hub-hub- Lesson learnt from Maria (the wife)

Somehow today I had one of those days where I wanted to keep fit and actually made an effort to eat better. I had a course today. I managed to better control my portions, made plans with Mr Hub-hub to jog after he get home from work and even ordered wholemeal pasta from Pastamania!

It was all good… Till I reached the bus-stop.

It had started drizzling and knowing Mr Hub-hub, we wouldn’t be going for our jog. Had dinner together.

What’s for dinner you may ask?

Ayam masak merah, the daging lauk from orang kahwin (wedding) and of course sambal goreng pengantin. Seems like the world wanted my effort of eating better go to waste right?!

I still had faith and controlled my portions. All was well till my Mother-in-law said

“Ada durian dalam ais box tu…”

(“There’s durian in the fridge…”)

Keeping fit is keeping fit but durian is durian. I was being irritating and started exhaling my durian breath to Mr Hub-hub’s face every moment I could. No, he doesn’t hate durian. He chooses not to eat durian.

(For the life of me, I still don’t think durian is too sweet lorrr. I even told myself I had a balanced meal with durian as fruits. End of story.)

After an hour, my breath still reeks of durian. It was no longer funny. I can still smell durian on my fingers as I’m typing this.

Anyways, somehow Mr Hub-hub remembered I had the Insanity workout in my hardisk (I somehow managed to misplace the cable wire to it -.-“) and google-d and found the Fitness test and needless to say…

We did the workout.

Comment said in between grunts

Video: Now we are going to do suicide jumps *demonstrates*

Mr Hub-hub: Looks like burpees

Me: They’re suicide jumps alright

I can’t even remember what was even grunted out by both of us.

What made the workout worse was that the durian breath was coming out from the back of my throat! YES!.

Durian breath was coming out from the back of my throat!

Imagine trying to juggle Insanity with durian breath and Mr Hub-hub was already covered in a sheen of sweat! I was trying hard to minimise the durian breath-ness.

All in all it was good, I did manage to workout a bit.

Somehow cooling down, I was asking Mr Hub-hub why he didn’t believe me when I said the workout was hard.

“How come you don’t believe me when I said the workout’s hard?”

*Smiles cheekily*

“You thought I was exaggerating didn’t you?!” 

Then he said one of the scariest things ever.

“Tomorrow we do day 2.”

Part of me seriously thinks that us doing Insanity Fitness Test was retribution for exhaling my durian breath to his face.

Lesson learnt from Maria (the wife) : Don’t exhale Durian breath to your husbands’ faces.

Look at the anchor. At the side is MrHub-hub.Bet you guys don’t know how a real anchor looks like right?! HAHAH!

Yes, that’s Mr Hub-hub.


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