How it all began…

Part of me have been wanting to write a post in this. After all, I do wanna read blog when I’m older and reminisce on all these memories. How we met was actually quite a while back.

It was nearly four years ago.

Back then, Cik Umi asked me out for a movie with Kak Mazni and her cousin. Can’t remember if I expected a guy to join us but it was ok. We talked and all. After that movie, if Kak Mazni’s mom invites my family for her family events, we’d be there as guest. Occasionally I’d bump into him at these events and have the awkward small conversations. We’d literally meet like once a year, 10- 15 minutes at most.

Till that very day, he asked me out for a run. At that point of time, I do remember I was a lot more fitter, going for more runs and of course, checking in at the nearby stadium ego boost.

He did (of course) via the FB inbox and we scheduled it.

The night before the run, I told my friends, and they said I was very daring, going for a date when we running, all the sweat and all.

Of course I was oblivious to the date part. I honestly thought we were going to just run you know. The part about him coming form Yishun to Jurong just to jog with me seems normal you know. *Flips hair*

Till this day I remember while I was running, he wanted to talk to me! I was SSOOO controlling myself just so I wouldn’t sound out of breath! Of all the times to talk to me, he wanted to talk to me when we are running!

Somehow it went well enough (despite the sweat and all) and that Saturday we watched a movie and had a bite.

Give or take two to four weeks later, we got together. HEH.

Looking back, I think Mr Hub-hub already had marriage in mind. Why do I say this?

That night we got together he was already asking if we want to tunang (get engaged).

I yaya-papaya say don’t need. Just get married straight. HAHAH!

Part of me at that time was definitely taking this lightly. I mean, we just go together seh literally about 30 minutes after we got together he ask me this! I was still feeling VERY happy that we got together lorr!

Somehow, about four months into the relationship, he proposed. Via a text message. Yes. Text message.

Of course I was too happy! (Even if it was a text message) I remembered being in NIE library with my friends .

 Of course I miang said YES!

Not good enough I said Yes, cuz he wasn’t convinced! Yes, this very man who proposed to me wasn’t convinced so we arranged to meet that Saturday.

Somehow, I think mothers know best. During that period of him proposing (and not being convinces of my saying YES), Mak asked me, if he wanted to get married to me or not.

Of course, I didn’t say anything. I mean here we have one guy who’s not convinced that I want to marry him, the other is my Mak asking if he wants to marry me.

We met that Saturday night, discussed and (FINALLY) agreed that we want to get married. HAHAAH!

Since Mak did ask me about him wanting to marry me, I decided to tell her that night…

One difference between Mr Hub-hub and I is that I have siblings and he doesn’t. Do you know why this important?

When you are trying to tell your Mak that you want to get married, you don’t have to repeat three times before Mak finally hears you as she was busy calling for one of my siblings. So yes that is how I told her.

After telling her, her first few response

“Kau bilang die eh Mak suruh kau kahwin?”

“Did you tell him I want you to get married?” 

OF COURSE I DIDN’T! It just so happens the timing was right.


If you asked Mr Hub-hub where we first met, he’d say when he was about 16 (almost a decade ago)!

But I really couldn’t remember it AT ALL. Till Hari Raya Haji came along.

Two days after our event, it was Hari Raya Haji. His parents brought me along to some of his relatives’ places to show my face get to know them heheheh.

There was this particular house. The moment I stepped into that house I was like

“Eh! I’ve been here before!”

Honestly it was scary.

Turns out I was there as Cik Umi brought me along for one of his cousins’ engagement if I’m not wrong. And that explains where he first met me.

Even then, I don’t remember seeing him in the house. It’s only at Kak Mazni’s family functions that I met him.

Hari Raya Haji
Hari Raya Haji

Truth be told, being married makes me really happy. Even with the challenges, I believe if we do things with religion as our basis, in syaa Allah, it will work out somehow.

There you have it. That’s how it all began.

Technically he did meet me at an engagement ceremony. Which means it is possible to meet your future spouse at these kind of events! Heheheh! So rajin-rajinkanlah diri korang ehehheheh!

So gatal I cannot tahan! 😉


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