Cafe Review: La Marelle

Growing up somehow, I’d somehow spend time with Thohirah by going to the nearby library, hit Jurong Point and then we’d be on our way home. I love spending time with her. Since she just finished school, I thought I’d spend time with her.

It was purely luck that I got the off-in-lieu Deepavali holiday that I got to spend time with her.

Everytime we go out, we’ll get hungry. Yes. So it was no surprise when I met her my first question to her was

“Lapar tak?”


Her natural response “Boleh jugak ah”


I wanted to explore two cafes, namely I am cafe and La Merelle. Chose La Merelle cuz I found the address first.

First of all, for some reason, my sister doesn’t have the Google Map app in her iPhone. Which we had to use. thereby taking a LOONNNGGGG route to the cafe. (My phone was dying no choice.)

It’s actually behind the Sultan Mosque, beside the Bushra Cafe. You have to look out for the sign or you’ll miss the shop. You can thank me if you want. Heh.

The very whimsical interior
The very whimsical interior


You can buy some of the merchandise if you want. Trust me, some of these noteboooks/ purses are tooo cute!

I have a feeling that you can actually purchase the plates. Also, notice the big glass jar at the side. You can go and refill your cups with plain water. I think this idea is actually quite good cuz if we have something like Swensen’s, I’m pretty sure the servers will be tired walking up and down the place, refilling our glasses.


The desserts that Thohirah and I ordered. Was a bit bumped that they didn’t have the cakes that we wanted and could only choose form the display set. I was thinking maybe the bakers don’t supply to them on Mondays. We got the macarons (obviously), oreo cheesecake and lemon strawberry pie.

 Obviously with the name LEMON and STRAWBERRY it’s going to be sour. Somehow I couldn’t forecast this. It was so sour that I couldn’t finish it :// Thohirah thought I was kidding till she tried the stuff. IMG_1148

The Fruit Mocktail. We go this cuz it was a Mocktail. Yep. Definitely feeling-feeling alright.

Carbonara pasta with Salad. The salad dressing was again sour as heck! Maybe something’s wrong with my taste buds aye?

Food for two. Yes. For two.


They have these bells which you ring for assistance. Quite cute actually.


Price wise: The price range is like most cafes. i.e. Like Coffee Bean etc

Ambiance: a definite 7/ 10 (According to Thohirah)

Would I go there again? I wouldn’t mind actually. Definitely not during peak periods. Thohirah and I had the cafe to ourselves the whole time with the exception of three other women who came in for lunch.

Next stop would most probably be I am cafe. Somewhere.


The other day I reached home grumpy and naturally told my husband about it.

Me: Blah blah blah…….

Suddenly, he covered both his ears and went “Ahhhhh!”

I was about to get into another fit or grumpiness till he said

Too high… Too high…”

Well I’m sorry if my voice gets all high pitch when I get grumpy.

What a way to discover my husband’s sensitive ears or how high my voice could go.


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