Who knew it’d cost that much?!

I’ve just did some sort of calculation for the whole wedding and even by my standards, I went over budget!

Are you ready for the numbers? *Drum roll*

In no order (I just scribbled them down)

Wedding Expenditure  
Food   11500  
Mak andam+ camera + video 3800  
My Nikah Baju  700  
Door Gifts   1,500  
Wedding Dais  1700  
Saturday’s food 900  
Kuih-muih 800  
Kid’s giftpack $300  
Bedroom Set 3500  
Curtains for my room and hall 1300  
Miscellaneous 2500  

Notes on breakdown of finances

  1. I didn’t have those fancy fancy food catering and I do believe mine is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, that I know of.
  2. I didn’t get the fancy fancy bridal ones as well and I wanted to save money so I just asked from the Mak Andam and she provided me with hers.
  3. Without the cameraman and videography, my bridal package is about $1400 if I’m not wrong
  4. Told ya my baju nikah is expensive but I’m truly glad I made it. Heh. (Combined with Mr Hub-hub’s baju is about $1400)
  5.  Saturday’s food was cooked by Cik Je’s family and also my caterer provided some (that is already part of the food pricing) (Told ya mine’s cheap)
  6. Kuih: some Mak asked my aunts to make (she paid them of course) and bought and some sponsored
  7. Bedroom set: Bed, wardrobe, mattress and the one where I sit in front of the mirror and beautify myself. Apparently, when guy gives money, girls give a bedroom set in exchange.
  8. Curtains: Hajar’s family painstakingly went to Batam to do the curtains/bedsheets as well. Why do we make it and not rent it? If rent, it could be as much as $700- $1500 just for the curtains and bedsheets. Buy means can keep.

The gifts that I got for him

Gifts    $
Clothes   157
Shoe   179
wallet    99
belt   75
Prayer mat 30
Esprit towel set 30
watch   200

Note to explain the breakdown of finances:

  1.  Mr Hub-hub is not very particular of the brands of things that he uses. 
  2. We got our watch cheap as it was GSS, and also I shameless told the salesperson that it’s for wedding. She then gave further discount. Our watches combined is about $500. After discount, it became close $400.
  3. Clothes bought at G2000 IMM as it’s the outlet. I got him long sleeved shirt, pants AND blazer for $157.
  4. Wallet is from Fossil and belt is ZARA. 
  5. Most important. Price of rental for our venue differs by A LOT. I had mine at the multi purpose hall (MPH) for about $60-$80 while he had his at his void deck for close to $200. This differs from zone to zones. Also, one of my aunts had her wedding at an air-conditioned CC, which is of course nice. Means you don’t sweat. Which also translates to a bit more expensive. Rental if I’m not mistaked was $2000. The use of air conditioning during the event was $100/ hour. It came close to $3000 after the event. 

This is the rough breakdown of the expenditure of my wedding. My wedding’s a simple one and it has already cost that much. How much would those extravagant weddings cost? *shudders* I am truly glad the wedding is over. 

We definitely did not recover back the cost of the wedding but I’d like to thank everyone who came and wished us well.  



  • My tips for fellow ladies who may or may not settle down is to save money JUST IN CASE you get married. Who knows right? One of my cousins gave me this tip and I did NOT follow it. Kinda regretting it but what’s done is done. Heh.
  • If you are going to be a fussy bride, trust me the budget will be more. 
  • Have fun with the preparation. One of the problem that I encountered was that my wedding dais was supposed to have a sofa, not two seats. I was unhappy (slightly) but after hearing the person say that they’d just bought it, I just used it, I kinda forget that I didn’t get the chair that I wanted. I was too happy seeing people and all that. (It helps that I’m kinda like a fuss free person)
  • OK that doesn’t mean you can let the person can walk all over you kan. 
  • Mak always say “Don’t make things difficult for people so that they don’t make things hard for you”. I kept on reminding this to myself and Alhamdulillah it worked for me. 
  • Always remember you are getting married for a day, your marriage will last a lifetime. 
  • Have fun planning your wedding (even if it means Mak will scold you because people genuinely want you to be happy and you’d want your guest to be happy as well)


Once again I stress it is not about showing off but for you to have a rough idea. 


I feel like I’ve just gave a whole lecture on budgeting/planing your wedding. I do notice this though. Couples who have been together longer, tend to have a grander wedding. The way I see, they’ve wait so long to be together such that they want to feel that what they’ve been through has finally come to this and they can finally begin a new chapter together.


Soooooo kakak-kakak and abang-abang who, In syaa Allah, will get married soon, I do hope that this is a useful guide for you guys. Heheheh! Just save money! Mane tau tup tup nak kahwin! 


2 thoughts on “Who knew it’d cost that much?!

    1. For my side initially we printed 600 invites (about 1200 guests) but it ballooned to almost 1300 and possibly 1400 due to verbal/ whatsapp/ email invites. We did ask the caterer to cook more though

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