Cooking for the first time

When you get married, there’ll be a lot of firsts right? 

First argument
First time buying groceries together
First time applying a house together


Mr Hub-hub and I just cooked together for the very first time. Very interesting actually.



It started with his hunger. I remembered Mak saying that there was yellow noodles and of course Mee Goreng came to mind. Then it all begin to go down from there.


“Why does  the lada look like belacan?! FADLI! Does the lada look like belacan?!” (I can hear Ayah snicker from the hall)

This somehow made the decision for Ayah and Fadli to not  eat the said food.


Before that, I wanted to wipe something off the wok with the kitchen roll. It caught fire. 


Too much oil. Too little oil. Ah heck it. Just put the chilli in it. 


Forgot the salt and MSG. 


Forgot the tomato sauce. 


The egg shell was too soft according to someone. 



Maybe this is a sign. I shouldn’t cook when Mr Hub-hub is around.


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