“Let me count for you. It’s 2 more days”

That’s what one of my aunt posted on my FB wall this morning! Heheheh! Today was super busy. Buying things for tomorrow and saturday and all that.

It’s time I let you meet part of the marriage council!

Part as some of my aunts were not present. They’ve helped one way or another tau! Don’t think these are just normal normal makcik! Hhehehe!

Terselit lah dua orang tu, Thohirah and Hajar. They’ve also helped/ contributed one way or another.

We bought so many things today that…



The things we bought cannot fit the boot of the cab! Yes! We bought two big cushions and if you look carefully you can see a handle near to Mak. That’s actually the bag that aunties pull to the market k! Can you imagine how many stuff we bought till we can’t fit both the cushions and trolley at the boot?!

Naturally Fadli was roped in to carry the things.

Of course he had to tangkap handsome kan.

Also, this aunt of mine stays has a neighbour who sell salted eggs (apparently according to Mak, the price is cheaper than outside). Collected 205 salted eggs ok!


That’s going to one of the things inside the berkat bag for those who’s doing the maulud.

I’m really tired so I’m going to leave this post hanging.

My eyes are now (u.u)


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