Let’s not countdown anymore.

Still cannot figure out if it’s 3 more days or 2 more days. Bottom line it’s this Saturday ok. 


Mak was so happy yesterday (apart from being angry at me) as she managed to contact her long lost friend!


Back story: One time Mak met her friend at a mutual friend’s child’s wedding and they exchanged number. 

Who knew they’d exchanged the numbers wrongly?! 


Cut story short: Mak got the correct number from someone else and called her up. According to Mak this was how the phonecall went. 


“Chom kenapa tak telepon? Ana tunggu chom telepon tau…” 

(No mak’s friend is not named Ana. That’s how she referred to herself. Madrasah school way of referal) 


My point of this entry is I am happy that Mak is excited that her friend is coming for my wedding. It made me realise that you know though there is a steady increase of Malay couples which only has about 300-500 guests, I do somehoe learn to appreciate the fact that more people come to my wedding not because of me, but because of it being a meeting point to meet other friends/ relative/ maybe future spouse even. Hahaha!


Apart from Mak’s friend whom she has not seen in years, her Uztaz is also coming! Yes her Uztaz from her Madrasah days! (which is obviously a long time ago kan!) Her uztaz was so excited to receive in the mail that he called Mak straightaway to tell her that he had received the invite! Masya Allah!


I am currently not sure how many people are going to turn up at the wedding (really I don’t) but I do hope that whoever is attending my wedding, you guys have fun and mingle with each other you know.


Cuz let’s face it. If we do not have any of these gatherings to attend, how else do we get to see family, friends and such? When Syahidah got married, she invited our primary school mates as well! It was nice to see how they turned especially those whom I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years! It could span that long ok.  


A more serious post but what the heck. It’s my blog anyways. TEEHEE ❤ 


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