4 more days! Or is it 3?

Honestly I think I don’t know how countdowns work. I’m not sure if it’s in 4 days time or 3 days time!

Anyway a couple of things I wanna touch on.

On twitter, one of my friend said I need a hashtag. I was thinking about it. Mr Fiancè only has FB. No twitter/ instgram whatsoever.

I was thinking of #bilamariakahwin (yes I know I’m totally pushing him aside) #sairia (Sairi + Maria) and of course not forgetting #masai (Maria + Sairi)

Naturally in my friend’s tweet, and I quote, #MASAI EPIC WIN

So no. Hahahah! I’m still inclined towards #bilamariakahwin (maybe cuz it has my name in it teehee) For now, I figured, nearer to the day (ok how much nearer to the date can I get kan since it’s this saturday itself?!) I’ll figure something out. Or someone will.

One of my girlfriends told me she cannot make it on Sunday and ask me if she can come on Saturday instead. She then reminded me that one of my ex colleague also couldn’t make it on Sunday and wishes to come on Saturday night instead.

If you have something on on Sunday and wishes to come on Saturday instead, do come ok 🙂 The way I see it, I’m very touched that you went out of your way to come for that I appreciate it very much :))

What else can I blog about?

Oh oh! I should be blogging about how I met Mr Fiancè, how we nak kahwin so fast and how we figured some stuff out (like number of dulangs, wedding dates expenditure oh oh not forgetting my sponsors and all)

Why you may ask?

1.) I do read my old post and I’d like to think that I leave happy memories in my blog.

2.) For those who nak kahwin *giggles* do read and I hope that it will help your journey pulak in syaa Allah 🙂

3.) So that when people kaypoh, they try to find the information it’s already there. Hahahah!

One frequent question that is asked by many

Korang gi honeymoon pat mane?

The nature of my job is that I cannot take leave (yes pretty sad kan so you all must love those in my profession more k? Heehheh). Mr Fiancè, on the other hand, may have new projects in November and December. It could actually be him travelling for work instead of us going for our honeymoon.

That being said, we are going for a really short getaway. We’ve booked tix and all that.

Apart from that oh oh!


I don’t think I’m experiencing any jitters. Yet. But deep deep down I am starting to feel sad (even though we are going to stay at my house for a short while after the wedding). I do try to spend as much time as possible with Mak (even if it means getting a lecture for every single thing. Sometimes I think me breathing makes her angry! Hahahah!)

Today something stupid happened and I called Mak to tell her about it.

Me: Mak, Maira rase bodoh tau…
Mak: bagus lah tu kau dah sedar sekarang…

Motherly love 101 right there I tell ya!

When crossing the road home, Ayah plus a few other pedestrians walked when it’s red light. I somehow decided to be dramatic.

Me: Ayahhhhh nooooo! Siapa nak jadi maira punye wali??????
Mak: Kenapa kau mintak orang mengata kau aje?
Me: Mak aje yang mengata Maira…

Yep. Mak love me alright! 😀 I can soooo tell! *flips tudung*


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