“See you next week”

Those words have never meant so much more till now. There are still indeed last minute preps (things to buy, weight to lose etc… You get the idea) It’s 5 more days till we become one (chehhhhh) Somehow we’re more excited about taking a trip to somewhere (HAHA yes we are that excited for the trip).


Anyways for those who are coming for the wedding, I should be leaving for the guy side at about 1.30 p.m. -1.45 p.m. Do come early so that we can take pictures. If for whatever reason you cannot make it, it’s ok really. I appreciate your dua’s for me for this new journey that Mr Fiance and I will embark on. 


On another note, I can’t call Mr Fiance Mr Fiance kan once we’re married? Must change name… If not… Actually I also don’t know what will happen if never change name. heheheh!


Will try to keep post an entry till the day  I wed. (About what? I’m not too sure myself) Teehee!


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