Lai lai meh rewang meh!

My wedding’s in a week! YIKES!

Time is flying waaayyyyy too fast don’t you think? 

Today my aunts, uncles and cousins came over to help set my room decor (TOTALLY LOVIN’ IT!), berkat for the kids and also adults as well. As there were loads of hands, the things were done in no time! (Give take 2-4 hours; bear in mind we did about 200+ berkat for the kids and about 1000+ packing for the adults).

Everyone roped in one way or another and I cannot stress how much a difference it makes to have people volunteering to help me. Alhamdulillah Syukur. 

Here are some pics evidence they all helped me out heheheh!



This abang NS very on! 



This number 11 ahhh *shakes head* You know I love you Fadli



Orang-orang Redondo!






Cik Gayah yang bergaya


Of course there are pics of my room but let’s keep that post for another day 


Please excuse my miang-ness. 


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