11 more days!

Just came back from Umah Cik Je and Mami. Finally sent the gifts for him to be gubah-ed. Somehow I am thankful for my family. Without them, I doubt that the preparations will be going as smoothly as it is!

I should be posting one entry after kahwin about my sponsors and not forgetting those who pitched in one way or another! (it’s not the brands one. More of what my aunt’s have contributed! And trust me you may think it’s little but trust me, every little things goes a lloonngggg way!)

I know (extended) family members are in a way SUPPOSED to help. However, my aunts took it to a whole new level!

They somehow figured out what to do/give so that it doesn’t clash. E.g. Double gifts (two of the same thing)

I’m forever grateful for them. They gave useful suggestions and somehow worked things out between them.

I do know even the best of plans can go wrong but in syaa Allah whatever can go wrong, it’s because it’s beyond our control. I’d like to thank every single one of them. Not forgetting Thohirah too! She also helped a lot in cleaning up the house (and that is not an easy feat).

For now, I shall focus on Childrens’ Day. Boleh eh gitu? Hahahah!

Psst! I’ve yet to buy or pack anything for them! Yikes! Maybe I’m waiting last minute inspiration eh hehehehe!

Convo with Mak last friday

“Mak ade last few words sebelom Maira kahwin?”
“Bagus jugak kau kahwin umur gini… Bla bla bla… Nanti kau berambos gi rumah sane… Bla bla bla…”

Main point: I only remembered the “berambos” part


Should I say who sponsored/ helped what now? Nahhh… it’s already late. Obviously I’m sleeping with a smile tonight. Heheheheheh!

Night night everyone! *flying kiss*

Yes the picture has nothing to do with this post.


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