Of trophies and Ikea catalogue

A while back, someone graciously gave us this beautiful cupboard and it was only today that I filled it (read: decorated it) with my family’s trophies.

Before you go “Wow!”, let me explain. The first layer is my late uncle’s achievements. (Mainly police things and volunteer stuff)

The second and third layer are Thohirah’s, Li’s & my achievements. Thohirah’s achievement are mostly academic (Ie debate, D&T). Li’s are mostly sports. Mine’s from primary school. Yes. Quite sad actually.

The rest are all Fadli’s. In fact, all the medals that you see (with the exception of two; Li’s and Thohirah’s) are his.

The trophies are divided to mainly four schools: JYPS, HYSS, JVSS and WSS.

Somehow it was more fun figuring out the primary school trophies as we literally had to count back to the year to see which one of us actually won that trophy.

When my siblings came home, they started telling the stories of how they won the trophies.

Li (you have to remember that he’s my BROTHER) actually have volleyball GIRLS trophy! Somehow, he found it and brought it back home. He then told another story of how he played volleyball in school and ripped his shorts in the process. #truestory Also, there’s his NS plague and another thing (ok I don’t know what it’s called) he got from NS.

Thohirah got her debate trophy by being the timekeeper and somehow she didn’t do what she was supposed to do as a time keeper. She had her DnT trophy. While I was trying to find her that trophy, I came across more of Fadli’s medals and one more trophy.

I remembered one of the few trophies that I have dropped and has a chip on it.

There’s a reason why I arranged the trophies/medals in such a manner. I put mine on the second layer is to, like how Thohirah put it,

“protect kaklong punye ego”.

Actually, it is quite true. Heh.

All things aside, this post is not meant to be a bragging post to show how much trophies and medals we have. (I can’t even brag seeing how I may have the least trophies.) It’s more to show I’m proud of my siblings achievements.

Also, Fadli has somehow always participated in soccer tournaments and he has somehow almost always won. It’s just that I didn’t expect the cupboard to be filled with mostly his trophies/ medals.



I think by now most of us have received the latest Ikea Catalogue. The catalogue has been on my Nenek’s table for a while and you know the catalogue has been effective when Nenek says this.

“Cantik eh kerusi hijau ni? Kan bagus. Boleh sandar, tangan boleh rehat kat kerusi die…”
“Isn’t the green chair pretty? This is good. Can lean on it, you can rest your hand on it…”

“Nenek nak beli eh?”
“Do you want to buy this nenek?”


“Nenek, kerusi ni 90 lebih tau!”
“Nenek, this chair is $90+!”

Cut story short

“Nenek ingat kerusi ni $9. Heheheh!”
“Nenek thought this is $9. Heheheh!”

Somehow I think this is an effective subtle marking.


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